Thursday, June 4, 2009

How's This Work For Y'all?

I did it. I found it, got it financed and Pooldad picked it up. A couple of things tho'....

When I said "new car" I meant "new to us" car. Sorry if anyone misunderstood me. So this is the one.

What do you think? Kind of funny when you have to base your vehicle choice on the size of your largest dog. But you know? That is a sacrifice I am willing to make. Still - that lil' Nissan Maxima I was eyeballing was cute and efficient. Too bad Scooby outweighed the cargo capacity on a 4 door sedan.

So a Honda Odessey it is. In green [pic looks blue] It seats 7 peoples or 4 humans, a rat dog and the Chessie Bay.

Kudos to Pooldad because he had to do this without me [test drive, finagle details and sign paperwork]. Stress is not conducive to a healthy Skippy and since I had started to flare last weekend with the Lupus, this lil' episode didn't help and now I am down with pain. I share [and the pain killers are SO kicking in...giggle]. :D


Gail said...

Here's to partying with the pain. Can't stop it, ride the wave.

Cool new car.

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

Nice van!

christopher said...

Nice! Vans are great. Decent on gas, and you put so much stuff in them! :) Congrats!

Linda and Denny said...

Dang woman, if I knew you were looking, I would have sold you Mom's 2005 Chrysler Town & Country reasonable. Just under 33,000 miles and it would have come with a visit. VBG. Pretty van, though. Enjoy.

The word verification is scronos. A sound I hope you never hear from the new car.