Saturday, June 13, 2009

I Am Running Out of Baked Goods

I don't know how to impress upon Pooldad that he should NOT leave breads and such near the edge of the table or the kitchen counter. He just doesn't get it. Sigh.

Last night Scooby had a variable feast of a half a loaf of pumpernickel bread and an entire pan of homemade cinnamon rolls [made by Wallene :)]

Now Wallene is making a new batch and I am waiting for Pooldad to get out of bed so she can give him the "evil eye" for doing it again.

Funnily enough Scooby doesn't bother with the fruit we leave out on the table. But boy the pup loves him some yeasty goodness.


Linda and Denny said...

Okay. *holds hands out to sides* Cinnamon rolls on one hand, fruit on the other. Which to choose to eat. DUH!!!!!! Chessie's mom didn't raise no dummy. Heh.

Umm, I don't know how I missed the switchover in templates on your blog, but I love the new look. Very upbeat and Skippy-ish.

Gail said...

Do you blame him? It is those thoughtless humans that keep getting him in trouble.

Like your new look.

Rudee said...

Poor Scooby. Bad Pooldad. Good Wallene.

Amy said...

I always choose carbs over fruit, vegis, or anything healthy. Can't say I blame him.

I really like the new background.

I shed a little tear yesterday when I read you couldn't go to the grad. I hope today brought a better day.

Big kiss.

Yvo said...

I'm hopping in the truck and on my way over! You have fresh fruit, you say?! :)