Thursday, June 25, 2009

It All Evens Out

To blow off a little steam last night I decided to go grocery shopping by myself. Usually this wouldn't ellicit a post but what I bought has me laughing this morning.

First I tossed a box of Crunch n' Munch in the cart. I followed it up with strawberries.
Then came brownies with a side of ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream which was balanced with a cantaloupe.
Chili dog fixins'? I made up for that dinner choice with Chicken Soft taco ingredients.
Chips and queso dip was offset with fat free yogurt.
Frozen waffles and french toast sticks were joined by whole grain bagels and lite cream cheese.

Are you sensing a pattern here? For every item of junk food I managed to throw in the cart I somehow had to find my inner "Good Mommy" and assure something healthy joined it.

I was subconciously justifying the crap purchases. hee

I don't buy unhealthy food as a rule. Sure, we splurge once in a while - but not to the extent I shopped last night. It comes from the way I was raised. I didn't grow up with snack foods and neither are my kids - it just isn't brought into the house. I honestly think fresh fruit, veggies and from scratch cooking tastes better anyway. I would like to think the kids do too.

I am just glad I by passed the cereal aisle.


Gizmo said...

You crack me up!
My kids will grab fresh veggies before junk food too. And yes, it goes back to "how they were raised".
I was the Mom who stood alone when asked, "Do your kids eat their veggies?" AND I'M PROUD OF IT!!!

You're a GREAT Mom Skippy!!!!!!!

Rudee said...

Good job trying to keep a balance.

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

What time is dinner? Good job on the food selection. We try to do the same with our kids.

Yvo said...

Hahaha I grew up in a family that was like, I didn't understand why the president (first Bush) didn't like broccoli when it tastes so good. Hahah and my mom didn't even make it the super awesome way I make it now (roasted, a bit of lemon and parm at the end, lots of garlic, mmm).

I do that though - made the mistake of grocery shopping yesterday while starving and bought some stuff that normally wouldn't make it into my cart, but it was like, granola (which I've never bought before), yogurt, etc. Hahahaha.