Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thank You Tadpoles

Thanks for the support. I really didn't write that to rile y'all up, but in hindsight - it really is ridiculous, isn't it? Still, your comments made me laugh and cry. It was exactly what I needed.

Here is the thing - Pooldad doesn't want the day off and cannot call in sick. We simply want the shifts switched because that is fair and it is important. The reason he cannot call in sick is because if he does for his shift from 11-7 she will STILL leave at the end of her shift at 3 pm and thereby screw A LOT of people [other co-workers, customers, bosses, etc.] He can't call in sick. So that is what it is. [BUT when she calls in sick he ends up working both shifts - so he is there from 7 am until late at night - she won't do it tho' - as Rudee once said "She has short timers disease." True, but she isn't quitting until DECEMBER. To me that is a bit early for a decent employee to have short timers, eh?]

And she isn't budging on the schedule because she has plans. She owns a beach house in DE and well, I guess it is a PAR-TAY. sigh.

I actually emailed Pooldad a picture of Jr. and now it is his wallpaper/screensaver - is petty, but it makes me smile.

I do have to correct one thing - because it became clear after I posted yesterday. The bosses at Poolcompany told Bee that Pooldad took off Thursday last week [car buying day!] because he was sick. They didn't feel the need to explain our personal business to Bee - kudos for them, but when I said he "never called in sick" and she started to yell at me - wellllllll....she had a point. I just didn't realize they had told Bee that he was sick, instead of car shopping. My bad.

I tried to work out a plan to go without him and just take Jr.'s sisters but I am unable to walk the amount I would have to since they are holding the graduation in a large sports complex. I have to have Pooldad with me. Besides I really don't need to run into the step-monster without Pooldad there. I don't relish the thought of spending the weekend in jail. ;)

Thank you again for the comments and allowing me to cry on your shoulder[s].


christopher said...

That sucks Miss Skippymom. :(

We are happy to be here for you. (and available for hire if you need legs broken or cement shoes applied)

Gail said...

Something will happen and hopefully yall will get to go.

Rudee said...

Somehow, it'll all work out.

As for STS, it's been my experience that the moment the retirement word is uttered, Short Timer's Syndrome begins. Truly, unless they are being forced to retire, their desire to be gone just takes over. Soon she'll be but a distant memory.

Amy said...

I still can't believe how mean some people can be.

As for spending the weekend in jail - might make for an exciting blog entry.

Yvo said...

I'm not all for being petty and catty and childish and blahbleeblah blah but methinks it's time to step in and make a fuss. Sorry PD, I think you're dropping the ball there and letting this a-hole walk all over you. "Those who take no for an answer get told no" and all that jazz. If it really needs to get to it, the superiors need to be brought in. She is ridiculous and it is NOT fair for you to have to take on all these extra shifts because she makes the schedule. This is seriously bugging the heck out of me. If I had a reliable vehicle, I'd be there in a flash to take you to the graduation, Skippy. This is not fair.