Saturday, June 27, 2009

Very Excited!!

We have made our vacation plans and we are SO excited.

We are headed to Hatteras, NC for a week in July. We are camping [squeee!] on the beachfront [double squeee!] at a KOA there.

We have camped at a lot of campgrounds and I am sure there are several in Hatteras that are not as structured as a KOA, but we like that KOAs are always, without fail, clean, well maintained and staffed by wonderful people.

This particular KOA has guaranteed our site near the ocean [bonus!] and there are several activities within the park to entertain the kids if they are bored with the beach [as if. :)]

We are so, so, so anxious to go - we are writing the lists, stocking the chuck box and cleaning/accounting for various camping gear. We do need to buy air mattresses as I simply cannot sleep on the ground anymore and another tent because the girls have decided they want their own space - which is fine by us ;) - no problem girlies .... heehee

Plus this will be our longest time camping - the longest we camped before was 4 nights and we were only 30 miles from home, so that didn't count as a long time, like this.

I would love if anyone has any suggestions for good beach reads - I will spend a lot of time reading, I know it. The two genres I do not like are romance novels and horror. I will read anything else you suggest - so please help me!


Gail said...

Hot diggety dog! Sounds great. Do you like mysteries? I have become addicted to Harlan Coben. I have not read any bad books from him yet!

SkippyMom said...

Thanks Gail! :)

Waiter Extraordinaire said...

That sound great and ocean front too. I like those John Grisham books myself.

Linda and Denny said...

While we won't get out of Ohio before August, we HAVE left enough time in our schedule for a stop in VA before arriving at OUR beachfront campsite in Myrtle Beach in October. Good enough?


Yvo said...

I'm going camping this weekend! And I might be in the DC area in a few weeks (for one single day, just to go to a Mets game). :)

I'm reading an amazing book right now. I haven't cried yet (which is odd; usually a book is amazing because it makes me cry, and this is a true story), and I'm up to page 150 or so. "A Long Way Gone" by Ishmael Beah. It is really just... wow.

Yvo said...

This should work... let me know if it doesn't.

Gizmo said...

I wanna go!!! It's so - so VERY EXCITING!! ROFLOL
Seriously, I wanna go!!! I can bring jelly. ;)

Marni said...

I recommend "Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen. I've read it twice and absolutely LOVE it.

Have a great vacation!