Monday, June 15, 2009

This Week

First - I am going to smack my weatherman. I do like the morning guy but he just said "Not a bad week, just have an umbrella handy." Every single day this week there is a threat of rain/storms. Bah.

Okay - happier news! Only 5 days left. FIVE days :) of school and then it is summertime for the kidlets. Only 5 more mornings - 10 more lunches to make - 5 more quiet [lonely] days and then they are HOME with ME! Weehaaa!

The eldest is going to Rhode Island in July with a friend and her family [nice invite, I must say - I want to go to RI too :) ]and then we have our family vacation during the final week of July. We are travelling to colleges and our first stop will be in PA. That should be fun. I need to start making reservations and trip plans. I find that a lot of hotels will take Spot but won't take Scooby because he is too big. I will need to research that as I don't think I could bear to leave him home. Then again, I think about the 4 of us and him in a hotel room and cringe a bit. hee.

Happier, happier news - the Marching Band banquet was this weekend and the title of "section leader" was given over to the Eldest by the outgoing Senior. It was a pretty big production and not a dry eye in the house. These kids are very close and have all formed very tight bonds. We are happy for her because we have seen just how hard she has worked in the past 3 seasons and she will be a good leader for the younger flutists. Eventhough I started the post talking about the end of this year - I can already see that next year is going to be busy, busy, busy for the Eldest.

One more thing - wouldn't it have been nice if someone, anyone? would've warned me that at one point the bottom of my feet would ache too? Seriously - the BOTTOM of my feet. I understand the joint pain, but c'mon - I walk on these puppies - I need them! I simply went to bed early last night because it hurt too much to walk around and I wasn't too keen on Pooldad's suggestion of piggyback rides around the house. :D

Happy Monday Tadpoles!


Waiter Extraordinaire said...

The weather is beginning to get better here finally.

bulletholes said...

Aw MAN!!!
You just pulled my Marching Band Chain!
I was a RABID Marching Band was the greatest time of my life!
in fact, skoippymom, I started my little blog as a way to Chronicle my daughters experiences.
Heres all the posts with a marching Band label...

And here is a paragraph excerpt I am sure you can relate to.
I used to say that among God's most favored were the Eagle Boy Scout and the Gold Girl Scout. I have come to add any Student that is participating in Band. After 3 years of viewing these young men and women and after watching the dedication and discipline required to participate through my daughter,who plays Flute for the L.D.Bell band, there is not a Marching Band that can take the field that does not bring a lump to my throat. These young men and women have their game faces on, they have hundreds of hours of drill behind them and now have 8 minutes in which all the hard work comes together and they must EXECUTE,EXECUTE and EXECUTE!!! Their lines are straight (they have worked on this since kindergarten, but the Band has made a Doctorate program of it) their Uniforms crisp and sharp, they stand at attention, they are confident in their movements and they have established a high level of Musicianship. God loves a Marching Band kid and the Color guard too.

Amy said...

I would trade weather with you anyday! How does 100 degrees sound? But remember, it's a dry heat.

So sorry about the bottoms of your feet - that's gotta suck!