Thursday, June 11, 2009

School Projects or Why I No Longer Have Any Nosehair

Attractive blog title right?
Please allow me to explain. And, yes, feel free to laugh.
See the lovely illustration? That is page twelve of a fourteen page project our eldest finished today [I scanned it]. It was all wonderfully printed out on white paper, ready to be bound in a report cover when she decided that it would be so much better if she "aged" it a bit. It is all about the authenticity y'know.
The trick to making it look like this is first you soak it in a tea/water solution, then dry it in the oven. That ages it. To make the edges look torn/worn you light them on fire and then instantly blow them out.
Her thumb started to become sore after 6 or 7 pages lighting the lighter [I can believe it] and I agreed to help. Tadpoles? Do not ever offer this service. I love her so very much but you have to lean in very close to blow the paper out to get the correct effect of gently burned edges. The result? The fire goes right up your nose and well....
....yep. The nosehair thing. giggle. And I have to say - it sort of hurts.
Although I will admit it looks awesome, all complete and bound by ribbon.
A+ my lil' Squirrel.
ETA: But if you REALLY want to see what being a Mom is - please go see what Amy had to do yesterday. giggle - completely worth the click. go! you won't be sorry.


Amy said...

Mom's will do anything for their children...

Yvo said...

Your kids are kind of awesome, and so are you, has anyone told you that lately? My gosh the creativity. I am NOT that creative. I used to slap two pieces of construction paper on my projects... and call it a day. Jealous am I.

christopher said...

That looks amazing! I tried that once, but I didn't know to use tea (pre-internet days). So I tried various things like coke, coffee, and even muddy water. And of course I didn't try it on paper before I had spent hours working on it (pre-us owning a computer days). So it mostly just looked like a giant mess.
I also tried the burning effect (on multiple occasions) but usually ended up burning more than I wanted to.
Now I leave the creativity to my wife. :)

Rudee said...

What is your countdown clock for???

Either you did a fire like Eddie Murphy's father (now that's a fire!), or you HAD really long nose hairs.

Thanks for sharing your funny story. Laughter really is the best medicine.

SkippyMom said...

You guys are great!

Leave it to you Rudee to point out I have [had] really long nose hairs. I didn't - it is just you have to get real close to blow it out. LOL

The counter is how many days until we no longer have to pay child support [$450/month] on P/D's son - after we have overpaid $14,500 in the last two years.

We are finished as of Sept. 6th. YAY!

PS The counter wouldn't be on here if we were just paying normally, but an old post shows how we had to pay for his older sister for two extra years we weren't supposed to.