Monday, June 8, 2009

A Couple of Things Aren't Sitting Well With Skippy Today...

But I pick this to blog about.

Please know I try to keep a bright outlook, but sometimes you read something and your blood just starts to boil a little - added to another Bee story [that is a doozy, just wait] and a comment that I want to take light heartedly, but just can't because we are getting tired of hearing it.

So what did I pick? A tadpole seems to be having trouble regarding a situation that another person is making a big deal out of, but it simply isn't. In the scheme of things it normal and it is nonsensical that this other person reported her daughter. You can read about Rudee's problem here.

I have a somewhat similar story that happened with Wallene many years ago when she was in Kindergarten. It was the same school that wanted to take me to court over remedial reading. That should tell you something.

A little background is appropriate here. Our family moved into our home in Stafford County when Wallene was 6 months old. Living across the street was a little boy named BJ who was also the exact same age. These guys became fast friends by the time they could walk. They toddled everywhere together and I think their third word, each, was the other's name. They were close.

Example: Our neighborhood [heck the County] didn't have a swimming pool, so we rigged up a blue plastic baby pool in our driveway for them to splash around in during the dog days of summer. While they were both still in diapers BJ's mother and I would just strip them naked and let them play. Why soil a bathing suit or have to deal with the mess of a soaked diaper? [Potty training stopped this - so no, they weren't still doing when they were 5! :)]

They also walked to the bus stop together, went trick o' treating together and BJ was allowed to walk in our home ANYTIME he wanted looking for Wallene. Are you getting the pic' of how best friends these two were?

They were in different classes in Kindergarten but had recess together. Seems one recess BJ leaned over and gave his best friend, our Wallene, a kiss on the cheek. would of thought the school had been nuked from the reaction we [BJ's Mom and I] received from the Principal.

They called BJ's Mom first and made her come into school and chat about the incident. Without contacting me they suspended him for inappropriate behavior.

Then they called me.

They explained how sorry they were that this had happened and they hoped that Wallene was okay and please, please, please don't think poorly of their child wrangling skills because they promised in the future to keep BJ away from Wallene.

I laughed my head off. I asked if they were kidding. They said no - that this was such a breach of behavior policy and I wasn't going to sue, was I? Then they asked [in all seriousness] why was I laughing. Why? Because this was too stupid to be real and I found it funny as heck.

I was still laughing and tried to explain to them that these two were VERY BEST FRIENDS. In Kindergarten. They had been friends for FIVE YEARS. Then I asked why was all the concern on Wallene and what had they done to BJ?

They told me he was suspended and asked did I find that acceptable punishment for "violating" my daughter?

I wasn't laughing anymore. I told them I found their overreaction exactly that. I requested that they not punish BJ at all or at least reinstate him as Wallene was his buddy and she was in no way hurt or scarred by a simple act of kindness on BJs part.

The school went on to say they had a "No Tolerance" policy and that since other parents already knew about the situation [HOW?!? Breach of policy much? They shouldn't have even told me.] but that they were standing by their decision.

I was so HAPPY when we moved. I miss my home, I miss my neighbors and I especially miss BJ busting in my house and screaming "WALLLLLLLLEEEEEEENE!" at the top of his lungs when he needed a playmate. But I do NOT miss that school.

Now - this is not the same story that Rudee posted [by a long shot, her situation is quite different] but it does illustrate the "over-the-top" and "can't you just mind your own business" that some people need to use when assessing a situation. Not everything is as subversive as people think or want it to be. It just is not.

And when people act this way it makes the world a harder place to live in.

Rudee please hang in there. My thoughts are with you and I am sure your outcome will be okay.


Yvo said...

I've read stories like that fairly recently (like in the past 5 years) and didn't think it was an issue beyond that...
I put my hand on a child's shoulder (she was 11 but almost as tall as me, perhaps taller, and I am not short) to 'guide' her into the building at the end of recess/outside playtime once. She didn't like me and didn't want to go inside (which makes no sense because everyone was going in...), and she dropped to her knees, screaming bloody murder that I'd pushed her. I was totally floored by this. I was forced to apologize to her (I was 16 at the time... this did NOT sit well with me) and given a stern warning by my superiors.

I think (memory is fuzzy) I even met with her parents. Anyone who knew me knows I wouldn't push a kid in anger or violence - and I didn't push her in this instance. It was one of the more aggravating moments of my life - so unfair, you know?

Gail said...

I have read both stories and things are taken to an extreme now.

A couple of years ago, a small girl was expelled for having a steak knife in her lunch pail to cut her meat!!!!!!! And she showed it to her teacher to explain that before she used it.

We are striving so hard to be politically correct it makes me sick.

Train your children right and it seems everything out in the world goes against them!!!!

OH, and by the way, I am not English,Irish, German, Native American...I AM AN AMERICAN!

And that's my rant!

Rudee said...

Poor BJ. Are people really growing up without a lick of common sense? Ugh.