Friday, June 5, 2009

Perhaps We Should've Bought an Ark?

Jeesh tadpoles...this is getting ridiculous.

It is raining yet again. We are well over what we needed to make up for the drought conditions and are now approaching flood proportions. I am not kidding. I don't mind the rain as it makes for great sleeping/napping weather - nothing like the pitter pat of rain on the roof and the gray skies for a darkened room, but gang?

IT IS JUNE. It is 60 degrees right now and I think the doggies are developing webbed feet. [Okay, okay the Chessie already has them and LOVES this weather, but the Nazi? Not so much.]

Everything is lush and green, but really? I need some sunny weather and warmth.

For example? It has become chilly enough I had to pull my trusty heating pad out of the closet where I had stashed it in May because, y'know? It was SUPPOSED to be warm. It is perched on my lap as I type this just to assure at least a few appendages are toasty. BAH!

All this damp and cold just does not play nice with Skippy and her pains. Off to take another pill - if anyone wants to email me that would be great - but I can't guarantee my coherency in, oh, about an hour. Giggle.

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Gail said...

About the same weather here but supposed to warm up the next three days. I will be sweating.