Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Am Done Saving You From Yourself

One thing. Only ONETHING you had to do.

ONETHING. I explained it this morning at 9:15 am.

You would rather not do it because it might mess up your schedule. 8:30 pm? IN TRAFFIC? The horror! You'd do it if it had gallonage, chlorine or a motor involved. But not if it affords the family peace of mind. No...... you were home at 3:30 pm - a 30 mile roundtrip, even in DC traffic is NOT 5 hours. Getover yourself.

I found it, worked it and took care of it in the beginning. All you had to do is this ONETHING.

Why couldn't you do this ONETHING?

I am not doing it anymore.


Yvo said...

What the f*? Do I need to come down and kick some ass? Hold on, I'm putting new tires on the truck on Saturday. WTF again?

Rudee said...

What is going on?

Marni said...

Men... or Bee (?)

Linda and Denny said...

Sounds like you're going through a rough patch also. Breathe with me, my dear. ((((SkippyMom)))