Friday, June 5, 2009

My Favorite Line From Yesterday....

Remember yesterday? We bought a car?

Please keep in mind that my brother has been in car sales, car finance and car dealership for over 30 years. Also, [ashamed to admit this] I actually worked for him for a year selling cars. I know of what I speak. Well, I am a bit better off then someone who is buying a car without the experience I have and the knowledge my brother has.

With that in mind - I researched the heck out of the car we ultimately bought. The salesman wasn't budging on the price and I was giving him hell for it. The car absolutely WAS NOT what he was aksing for it and we kept going around and around in circles on the price.

I threw in the "I have worked in car sales and my brother has done this for over 30 years" card and he came back with:

Carguy: [with force] "Well, I am a THIRD generation carsales guy."

I paused for a moment and then responded:

"So? I am THIRD generation German-American. It doesn't make me a Hitler Youth."

He lost it, laughing...and knocked some of the money off the car that I was asking.

I still know we didn't get quite the deal we wanted, but it is what it is. We needed the vehicle and he had it.


Rudee said...

You are a spitfire. I love that!

Gail said...

Good for you, I can't think that fast! I always think later, this would have been a good comeback line.