Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Subtley Is Not Your Strong Suit My Child

Wallene came running in the door tonight [after playing outside] at 8:30. Knowing full well she had 30 minutes until bedtime and had to bathe she then realized she had to fit in her dessert before zero hour.

I have told y'all of the yumminess that is Haagen Daas Lemon Sorbet. In addition to the lemon flavor H/D makes Rasberry Sorbet. Not so great as it is sort of too sweet for me. Now, in our home, if there is something that SkippyMom likes it is off limits to anyone else unless I give the okay to snack on it. I rarely deny anyone anything, but somethings I love and they are things I can eat. Hence the sorbet.

Okay - back to the subtley part -

Wallene: "Wow! Hi Mom!"
SkippyM: "Hey. You're running late for bath and bed, aren't you?"
Wallene: [trying to act oblivious and completely off topic] "Y'know Mom that Rasberry sorbet is SOOOO much better then the lemon, donchta' think?"
SkippyM: "Wallene - that bus just rode right down the street and ran right over me. Do you know what I mean?"
Wallene: [giggle] "Uh, yah."
Pooldad: "Yes Wallene - and it was so obvious the bus backed up over your Mother to make sure the point was made."

She got the Rasberry sorbet.

Looking through the pictures of the pagent with the eldest today I had many nice things to say, but I am not too sure how well this comment went over:

SkippyMom: "You know honey - I love your smile. But I can only think of one thing everytime I see it in pictures."
The Eldest: "What's that Mom?"
SkippyMom: "Five thousand dollars."

She threw the wireless mouse at me. Ungrateful.

The kids were in bed and Pooldad and I were chatting.

Pooldad: [viewing the pics of the pagent] "I am going to be a blubbering idiot when she graduates from H.S. you do know that, right?"
SkippyM: "H.S.? Buddy, you are SO going to weep like a cranky baby at Prom next weekend, at graduation, when she leaves for college, when she graduates from college, when she goes to Vet school, when she is engaged, when you walk her down the ais....."
Pooldad: "Are you done yet?"
SkippyM: "... le, when she calls to tell us that your first grandchild is on his way. What did I miss?"
Pooldad: "Really? You cry when she comes home and is frustrated because she missed a step during halftime while marching in the band."
SkippyM: "Shut up."

The "kicker" to the night involved the dogs. We had my [yum] corned beef and cabbage for dinner tonight [I told you guys that it wasn't going to make it to Father's Day. HA!]. There is a bit of fat on a corned beef which we hack off before serving and feed to the pups after we are done eating. Scooby has a neat trick of catching food in midair if you toss it. Pooldad thought it he would try the same with Spot and tossed a thick piece of fat at her. Lil' Miss "I don't do that" sat there and it landed on the top of her head.

Drippy, messy beef fat all down her head. She was running in circles trying to get it off.

No problem tho'. Scooby walked over, scarfed it up and proceeded to clean Spot's head of all traces of the yumminess that Spot was too stupid ... cough ... stubborn to try and catch.

I have to say it is always a banner day watching a very, very large dog bathe a little bitty one. His tongue is as big as her head. And she sat and suffered the indignity of it all. giggle.

Lupus? What Lupus? ;)

Thank you my friends. Thank you tadpoles.


Gail said...

Sounds like a wonderful day.
Laughter is the best medicine.

Rudee said...

Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.

Yvo said...

Two hours left to go in an interminably long work day swimming in paperwork and my CSA starts today (thus even more anxious to go home) and this post made me giggle out loud. Thank you :)
PS I do not have straight teeth so you better tell that one if she doesn't start acting grateful, I would gladly take the braces :P

coffeypot said...

I remember when Marni was getting married, we were standing out side the little chapel waiting for the music to start so we could enter and start down the isle. She was so nervous and shaking. I started to walk forward to turn into the chapel when Marni said, “No! Wait!”

The look on her face was so serious and the shaking had stopped, I thought, man she is having second thoughts. I was mentally thinking about where my car was so I could get her out of there before everyone knew she was gone when she said, “Did the music start?” I was so relieved that I did even think about crying.

Amy said...

You make sorbet? What? I am sure it is delish.

Linda and Denny said...

As big as Scooby is, you're probably lucky he didn't swallow the little guy whole.

Yep, whole lotta cryin' comin' on as the little 'uns become big 'uns and start to move on without us. Of course, when you have boys, you dare not cry where they can see you, 'cuz they're all "aww, Mo-om!"

The word verification is "jagin": The sun is shining and I'm just a jagin today 'cuz I feel so good. ;-)