Saturday, June 6, 2009

I Think, Perhaps, This Has Been a Long Week

Between the rain, the car situation and all the end of the year stuff going on with the kidlets I have to say - This has been a helluva a long week.

To wit: I laid down for a nap around 3 pm. I woke up at 8:30 pm to find everyone home from work/school.

Dad? Snoring on the couch.
Wallene? Snuggled on the love seat mumbling in her sleep.
The eldest? So asleep she didn't wake up until 10 pm when we served dinner.

Yes. Dinner at 10 pm. Hee. It wasn't too spectacular either. Canned soup and grilled cheese. It was all we could muster.

Oh, well. It is what it is and now the eldest is back in bed because tomorrow is SAT test day PLUS the added bonus of Prom. Wallene, Dad and I are all still wide awake from our naps.

Gotta love Friday night. Have a great weekend y'all!


Rudee said...

You must have all been exhausted. I love-hate naps like that. I wake up feeling like I lost the day, but it felt so good to nap that I don't let that bother me for long.

I love grilled cheese with tomato soup from the can. It's the perfect comfort food.

Gail said...

When I am feeling bad, I crave tomato soup!

Greenmare said...

oh my, now that is what I call a NAP!!