Saturday, July 10, 2010

Glad That's Over With

Finally - some relief. We have been experiencing a heat wave here, which normally I would welcome - y'know with my cold aversion and all - but 100 degrees without humidity? No thanks. And once the humidity is added in, which in VA/DC it always is, it hovers around the "feels like" 105 degrees.

That's hot. Damn hot. So hot our A/C couldn't keep up. We had turned it off while we were away and it took almost 8 hours to catch up after we arrived home.

This morning it is raining. A nice, gentle rain that is doing it's best to keep the rest of the Skippy family snoozing away [or faking it to avoid our Saturday chores. hee] And it has cooled off considerably.

Speaking of relief - I woke up this morning feeling so much better. Hardly any pain. You guys are reaaaaaaaally good at this sending good thoughts/prayer thing, y'know? And I thank you. Thank you so much.

I am going to the doctor's office on Monday and asking, nee' demanding, that I be given referrals for 1. a pain specialist and 2. physical therapist [which was an such an excellent idea, thanks Amy!, that I could kick myself for not thinking of it before! ] I know I always feel better after walking with Pooldad and the dogs, although it is a short distance and hurts like heck while doing it. If I could find a p/t that could help me without too much pain during I think it would go a long way to fighting it without [too many] drugs.

I do know as I get into my day [chore day! woot!] that the pain will probably return, but I felt so good when I got out of bed this morning. Go me!

And thank you all again. And again. :)

Happy Saturday!


Rudee said...

I hear you with the heat. It's a glorious morning with a crisp blue sky and no humidity in Detroit. I'm trying to talk myself into getting dressed and going to the farmer's market.

Glad you're feeling better!

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

Hey you....glad you liked the puns. Use them wisely. In pool therapy would be a great one too. No stress on your joints. Water aerobics is my friend.
Hope you take it easy on chore day...dirt doesn't go away it just shuffles from one local to another so don't chase it too long.
Happy weekend to the Skippy family.
vert word is restesho. I started watching Percy Jackson The Lightening Thief, got interrupted and now I'm gonna see the restesho......Uh huh, I scored.

Teresa said...

I went to our farmer's market this morning and picked up some local produce and cinnamon rolls - all for $20. Great stuff.

Glad its cooled down there. It's beautiful here, too. Far different than last weekend.

Amy said...

I am so glad you are getting some relief from the heat. I have been to DC in high humidity and it was miserable! I couldn't imagine dealing with it through the whole summer!

I am glad you are going to make the request. I'm sure it will hurt a little, but no pain no gain...right??

Have a wonderful weekend. We are off to Costco with the kids...what are we thinking????

RVVagabond said...

It's good to see that you are going to take control of your pain one way or the other. Me, I'm a firm believer in water aerobics like Linda the other. In the meantime, still sending positive energy your way.

Hope you didn't overdo on the chores. Of course, that's something that I never have to worry about. Heh.

word vert: forsl. Forsl and seven years ago.....

Michaela said...

Hi Skippy girl, so glad your pain and the darned humidity have let up for now. Hope you can get some relief with meds and p/t. Sounds like wise advice. I have been away for a week to the caravan, which was max 10 C (about 48 F) by day. Now I am back home, our Sydney winter seems just SO mild. I really dislike humid heat, so I feel your discomfort! xxxooo