Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yes, Yes, HELL NO and Yes

Yes - My lovely husband found not one but TWO corned beefs at the store this weekend. He actually had a lapse in judgement and called me to ask if he should buy one. UH? YES? And why you are there honey I want the other one too. Mmmmmmmm. It is $30 worth of meat [oh, that makes me sort of ill to type that, but then again...corned beef!!!]and we had one on Sunday and the other we will have for Father's Day.

[Like that sucker is going to last in my household for three weeks HA!]

Yes - The rain. We still are a little low in the rain department [we need about 3 inches down from a need of around 10 inches] and it has been raining for around 24 hours - just pouring. That is good. What is better is it chased the midnight basketball players off of the school playground last night. Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights were interesting because they kept coming and playing into the late night hours [illegal & annoying] and we were trying to sleep. But there is something about a tall man with a LARGE dog that hints at the fact it might be time to vacate the court. :D

HELL NO - Washington Gas, AGAIN. I am not even going to get into this, but I am so sick of this company - once again I go to pay electronically and once again it declines my payment. I am not sending them a check because SURPRISE! The electronic payment cleared-magically-three days later! Sigh. I hate the Gas Co.

Yes - I spoke to Home Depot today and they are coming out to switch our gas water heater over to electric! HAHAHAHAHA! We have already changed the dryer and won't be using the fireplace or heater this summer - so NO GAS bill for us after I get this sucker changed over. I am just going to have them turn it off so they can't say we used it for anything - because you know they will come up with some lame charge. Bah.

So, that was my weekend. How was yours? :D


christopher said...

What is a corned beef? I've only ever had corned beef from a can.

Gail said...

My favorite part of that is the corned beef. I also love brisket, that's not the same thing is it? I just call it cow flop, since it made from the floppy front on a cow, and we eat it like candy.

You have feel very relieved to be able to ah-ha to the gas company.

Rudee said...

Christopher is deprived.

I love corned beef so I made it last week, Sunday. It was fabulous. My DukeDog loved it too. It was his favorite treat.

Yvo Sin said...

I forgot to buy corned beef that week to freeze because I was too stressed out about midterms and junk. No corned beef for Yvo.

christopher said...

Oh wait! I've had corned beef sandwiches. Is that the same thing, the stuff you buy from the deli as sandwich meat?

Or am I totally out in left field here.

SkippyMom said...

Yep Chris! That is what it is - except when you make it at home you slice it thick like a pot roast - the picture is a pretty good representation of what ours looks like.

It is soooooo good, but very hard to find here except around St. Patrick's Day. Which is why I was so excited and willing to pay so much for it - usually they are cheap in March.

Hope that helps :) and please stop eating it out of a can heehee!