Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nice Way to Jinx Yourself Skippy

[Allow me to preface this to say I found this very funny and I am not complaining. This is a completely unavoidable circumstance in the Spring while employed in the swimming pool business and goodness knows we have been in it long enough to know this is going to happen once or twice or a gazillion times every season]

Since this is another pool work story I decided to post the pic of my little friend standing on a Loop-Loc cover. Yes, they are that strong :) - Neat, huh?

I know I have been going on about Bee missing a lot of work during the Spring which forces Pooldad to have to work 15 hour days. Guess what? This story doesn't involve her - although I have to add so far she is up to 9 days off in the last month. Today turned into another 15 hour day.

Here's the Jinx - I was teasing Pooldad the other evening about his belly being a little bigger then I have seen in the past few years. He commented that it was probably due to the fact he is all office, all the time and no longer goes on the road to fix/service pools. I responded with "Ah, well I think I will call T/D [the owner & Pooldads only boss] and tell him to stick you out on the road so you can work off a little of that weight." Laugh, laugh, ha, ha.

Today Pooldad had early shift. This is very exciting as the Capitals are in game 7 of the playoffs with the Penguins and he would be home at 3:30 pm - well in time for the tip off later in the evening.

When I phone him about an hour ago the first thing he said was "Hope you and the girls have a good time watching the game." I knew what he meant and was livid thinking Bee had taken off yet again. He quickly explained that it was not her [shock] - no, instead it was one of the mechanics. Seems that the mechanic drives a car with expired tags, an expired inspection sticker and an expired tax sticker - basically a big red flag for being pulled over by the police. Oh, and may I mention that he likes to imbibe and allegedly drive after imbibing? Yeah, well - they can't find him so all bets are on that he is in jail this morning. Sigh. [Nothing new for the pool business - this happens a lot with the hourly employees we have been acquainted with during the 30 odd years he/we have been involved with this business.]

Is there no one else that can go on the road and open pools? Apparently not. So, yes, I had to go and open my big, fat, mouth and there is my lovely husband working his 3rd 15 hour day since last Friday and the 10th of the season. And me left to watch hockey all by my lonely. sniff .... giggle...[I am KIDDING tadpoles]

But I have to say - I really have no one to blame but myself, now do I? :P

I miss you honey - see you at 10:30!


Marni said...

Good grief... bless his heart.

Amy said...

Poor guy, hopefully it isn't too hot.

Yvo Sin said...

Awww, he's so good natured about it. Maturity I guess. I called my boyfriend yesterday to ask him something and was met with expletives (later got a profuse apology) because work was stressing him out. Ah well. Hope things worked out and you made PD something awesome to eat ;)