Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Think Someone is Laughing at Me

A little known fact - I absolutely abhor the color purple. It is a deep seated hatred based on my Mother's insistence that I share her passion for the color. I don't and I never have. Still, she was dogged in providing me with any and everything purple. For example - I wore a purple winter coat for 3 seasons, I had purple clothing, shoes and a blow dryer. After a while she simply did it for spite [even now] but dresses it up as "being funny because I know how much you hate it".


Although I don't discuss it much on this blog, as it is called "I Make Soap", I have Lupus. Come to think of it? I don't talk about making soap that much do I? Oh well. Whatever. I like to talk about our life and the mundane miniutae that bores y'all to tears - and? y'all are so welcome ;D.

Here is where the funny part comes in. Only having been given the diagnosis last year I was completely unaware that the "color" of Lupus is - you guessed it - PURPLE. Those cute little ribbons that everyone wears? Yes! Purple. The websites I have visited to research? Done in Purple. And it is so much better - part of their symbol is a butterfly. Nifty! [The reason for this is one of the side effects of Lupus is a rash that appears across the bridge of the nose and cheeks resembling a butterfly.]

Do I strike you as a butterfly type of gal? No, I didn't think so.

Now, I have nothing against butterflies per say, but purple? C'mon God - the disease sucks bad enough but now I have to show my support for it with the color I just don't care for and has mocked me for most of my life?

Funny...really funny.



Gizmo said...

You poor thing. I hope it will become somewhat tolorable for you. So I guess I should return the purple collar I got Scooby....ROFLOL. ;)
My Moonbeam is a "purple monster", and I like lavender.
BTW, I tagged you on my blog! ;)

Gizmo said...

I can't get the link to work. :(

SkippyMom said...

Thanks for tagging me. I am thinking up my answers now.

And nothing "poor" about me :) - I live a charmed life and know that - this is just one of God's [?] funny little things he has thrown our way.

The collar comment made me laugh - Scooby is a blue collar [literally]kind of boy ;)

If you send me your address I will happily send you a bunch of lavendar bath products I make - that shade of purple/smell I do actually like.

Hugs to you Giz! Thanks for the smiles.

Scrappy quilter said...

My youngest daughter's favorite color is purple. It isn't mine. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog today. I'll be back reading more of yours.

Gail said...

I see the irony...but I do love purple.

I love Moonlight Path by Bath and Bodyworks, bathe in lavender, and buy all my horses and dogs purple.

You will still talk to me, won't you????

Rudee said...

I'm sorry Skippy. Lupus sucks. I don't share your disdain for the color purple, but I do hate your disease.

I for one would like to hear about how you make soap though. Please share your artistic processes and post some pictures. You don't have to give up your trade secrets, but I would like to see pics.

Marni said...

Purple is my fave color and my birthstone... still love me? I don't wear purple clothes though... I don't want to look like a Teletubby.

Lupus sux. I had a cousin die from it at the age of 16 (Dad's brother's daughter). It was horrible and I have hated that disease since.

Hugs to ya, honey

Yvo Sin said...

I was just telling someone yesterday -- a coworker looked at me, wrapping up my pink umbrella, wearing a pink shirt, my pink & white rainboots... and said "No one will ever be confused as to what your favorite color is," and I had to tell her the story of how my family likes to buy me presents that are purple, and when I POLITELY queried about this, they said it was close enough. Ummm... no. (I don't haaaaaate purple, but I definitely don't like it that much. Lavender is okay.)

And are we linked or what? Now it wasn't me obviously but I wanted to show support so I sent away for ribbons for kidney cancer research... and they are this heinous shade of green. I wore the damn thing for 3 years but I cringed everytime I looked at it.