Sunday, May 17, 2009

A 3 Day weekend and 14 years of Marriage Gets You...


Lots and lots of laundry.

Evidently Pooldad had an ENTIRELY different agenda then Skippy this weekend. [Does this man NOT read my blog? Isn't that in the marriage convenant somewhere? "You shall keep updated on your spouses blog at all costs? or something akin to that? Jeesh.]

In fairness? Everything we own is laundered. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

Hey! Including Scooby. That is the one little daytrip we took and Scooby swam in the Potomac. y'know - the River. Then he got a bath. So, yes. The dog is clean too.

Tonight we have the beauty of going to bed in clean jammies, with clean sheets and quilts. All at once! It is almost a lottery win tadpoles - or a hat trick, if you will!

Do you suppose I can salvage something of the last 72 hours tonight? Does anyone think, perhaps, dryer sheets could be an aphrodisiac? Because if they are? well.....

[fingers crossed] ;)

OMG!!! ETA: The night has been saved!!! Our favorite "camp" movie of all time is on TV- "Air Force One" - you know the one where Harrison Ford screams "GET OFF MY PLANE"! Oh, tadpoles it is SO the little things. I knew this weekend would shape up, I just didn't think it would get this funny...giggle. Oh, oh, oh and when the secretary is floating down in the parachute? TOO priceless. Oh heck! Please say it with me! ALL the bad graphics with people floating through the sky! AWESOME!

I am rambling and you have no idea what I am talking about, but :P I don't care. This is fun! G'night! ;D


Amy said...

My husband would be getting VERY LUCKY if he had done all the laundry.

I love the marriage covenant! So True! I will post something and then Steve will ask why I didn't tell him about it. I like to think of it as my little test to see if he is really staying updated on our blog.

Rudee said...

I'd rather have clean laundry than a quickie... but then, you haven't really seen my overwhelming pile of laundry with which to measure this deal.

SkippyMom said...

Amy - My Steve is laughing...he gets it. And I want to get lucky - he is exhausted ;)

Rudee - Pooldad says "Yes I have seen your overwhelming pile of laundry. 72 hours."

You guys are great - but why are YOU ALL AWAKE right now? I thought I was the only insomniac?


Yvo Sin said...

Haha I did laundry this weekend too... no time (and I lugged it to Mom's instead of using the in-building machines because, sorry, but, ew?) so I just did the unmentionables. I agree... it's a rare day when everything I am wearing has been freshly laundered. In fact I'm pretty sure that hasn't happened in years =X

PS I seriously doubt my boyfriend ever reads my blog but can you blame him, he doesn't like to eat nearly as much as me.