Sunday, May 31, 2009

Guess I Better Fit These In

I don't know if this is for my own edification or the fact that Wallene was digging through old picutres, but here you go:

This is [the infamous] Senior - he is holding our Son. Son was 5 days old. Sr. was 22. This is Jr.'s Baptism - I am on the left and my two very best friends and God Parents are to the right. Love you H & B!

I put this pic' in to show a better view of Sr. It certainly doesn't do anything for my profile, now does it? And exactly what was I thinking? wearing an off the shoulder dress to a baptism? Hmm? I have answers in my defense, but ...sigh...I give a hoot now. The pearls are lovely aren't they?


Amy said...

I also had an Easter dress made out of the same looking stuff. It wasn't off the shoulder, but it was rather tight fitting for a nice mormon girl of 14.

Rudee said...

It may be off the shoulder, but it is still demure in appearance in a sweet little way. You're a beautiful mom.

Yvo Sin said...

You are beautiful :)