Friday, May 8, 2009

I Think My Husband Just Fainted

Tony Dorsett rocks!

I just called him at work to let him know I saw a commercial for a new show.

Get this-it is all about THE DALLAS COWBOYS. Think Yvo's obsession with the Mets or Marni's overt fondness for her beloved "Lost" and you get the idea. Now tenfold it.

It is called 4thandLong. It airs on Spike TV starting March 18 at 10 pm.

Damn. Just when I thought I could get through a quiet offseason of a few months this comes along.

Bad enough they have the Super Bowl in February now [what happened to January folks?] and pre-season starts in August. AUGUST?

Well, now it is official. Football. 12 months a year. And the stupid Cowboys to boot. [ha!]

Love you honey ;)


Yvo Sin said...

LOL I just noticed I have my own tag and!!! (aside from this one) *beam*

lol, 6 months out of the year... well... consider this... there are what, 16 games per football season? it's 162 for baseball... lol... so you can't complain that much that football takes over your life! any given night, i'm watching the game... hahaha

PS I saw trailers for that show too...
PPS if you wanted to really avoid football, you wouldn't have told him! if it's not a channel he watches normally - and I get the feeling it isn't - then he never would know! uh oh, PoolDad is coming after me now isn't he =X

Marni said...

Do NOT tell Carl.

SkippyMom said...

Of course you have a tag Yvo :) and yeah I should've kept my mouth shut...but hey! A free anniversary

And Marni if I am going down with this so are you :D Remember I have your phone number...giggle...OH CARL, Hey...