Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thieving Children and Craftiness

[There was a picture here, but I have to figure out how to black out names! Read on!]

My children decided to make handmade Christmas cards. Nice, huh? Well they decided to abscond with my craft drawers and now they are decimating all of my supplies. [Big words make it sound so much nicer doesn't it? Because what I really want to say is "The little brats stole all my stuff and are using it up." But that isn't very nice.]

They are doing a great job, so it isn't too painful. sniff...[stomping Skippy feet] I want my stuff back dangit!

Y'all have a fun, crafty day!


Gail said...

Tie them up with ribbon! The mangy curs!

Yvo Sin said...

1- Open photo in MS Paint
2- Choose the thing that draws squares that are filled in
3- Choose black as color
4- "Draw" square over part you want blacked out (click and drag)
5- Save or save as

This is the way I do it, I think it's probably the easiest/most PEDESTRIAN ;) way to do it... haha

Awww, I want to see the kids' handy work!!!

Real cab driver said...

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