Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Guess Your Idea of 24 Hour Banking is Different than Mine

[This is my banking support team. Notice the bear on the left? She is wearing the youngest's sweater from when she was a weeeeee' one. And the penguin? He's angry. Him and I were going to Christmas shop online...big! HUGE!]
I just had the biggest chuckle.

My bank promises 24 hour banking. I know - you think ATM, online, etc. - but no, their promise is to have a live person, via phone, available 24 hours a day.

I have never thought about it, nor have I ever had a need to utilize it at 2 am, but I wanted to transfer money, now. I can only transfer money via phone or in person. So, being 2 am, I called.

They are closed. Every night. From 12 am until 6 am.

Um....doesn't scream 24 hours to you, does it? I guess 18 hour banking just didn't have the same type of ring to it.

Whatever. It just struck me as funny. Especially the recording you receive when you call:

"Thank you for calling Bank. Our 24 banking line is currently closed. Please call during our business hours of 6 am until 12 am. Thank you."

Pooldad? I was going Christmas shopping for you. Let's hope the mood strikes me again between the hours of 6 am and 12 am. Eh? mwuah!


Gail said...

Nothing is ever quite the way you expect it to be.
Love your bankers!

Amy said...

Don't they know about truth in advertising?

Yvo Sin said...

Haha I love it, I love the snowmen :)

Al said...

Well, if the recording was made by a real live person it sort of counts doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

That's pretty funny! There used to be a bank branch near me that changed to a "customer service center" or some name like that. Only guess what? They didn't service live walk-in customers. You wanted help, you had to use the ATM or go to a different branch...

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