Friday, December 5, 2008

ATC - Artist Trading Card

I am new to making Artist Trading Cards [ATCs]. I love the medium and they are so much fun to make. This is my 3rd card [the other two have been sent and no pictures :(] I do love it though.

The person I am sending it to loves sewing like me so I have an extra fondest for this one. It is covered in a quilt fabric, with a sticker basket/thimble...two buttons...and the needle is handcut and colored by me. The red ribbon is, red ribbon. hee :D

These cards are 2.5"x3.5" with square/rounded/cut corners.

Someone said you could get addicted to making these little whosits. I believe them. I had a great time creating this one. I hope my swap buddy likes it.


Amy said...

I've heard of ATC cards on Swap-bot, but didn't really understand the big deal about them. Now I understand. I think I better not start, that looks like something I could really get into.

Chelsae said...

these are so cute! Thanks for putting so much into them. I love them...and yes, I'll stick to my'll easily get addicted!

Teresa said...

these look really cute. I've never done anything like this - or even heard of them before. too cool.

Teresa said...
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