Thursday, December 4, 2008

Spot O' Kindness

I received this cookie cutter in the mail today. Look familiar? Yep - that is a replica of the useless lump that is [at present] alive and happy, sleeping on my feet. [For those that aren't familiar yet, you will be, that is our dacshund Spot. Spot the Dot or Spoootie. Take your pick]
Why Skippy, where on earth did such a treasure come from? You ask....
My Tadpoles, let me explain. So fascinating.....
I am a member of swap-bot. We swap postcards, ATCs, letters, lists, recipes, homemade projects, etc. In one of my swaps I met a nice lady named Aunt B. Aunt B and I swapped votive candles. She read my profile and discovered I didn't know how to make pie crust. Yes, baker fail, hush up! She was kind enough to send me a recipe for pie crust. I thought it was such a thoughtful, neat extra that I mailed her back a thank you note. That usually isn't done - as you have already swapped with eachother and we rate our partners on the site which is the "thank you" - but she was so touched to receive a snail mail thank you note - she dug through her stash of cookie cutters and found SPOT. Who knew they made useless dachsie cookie cutters? [The cookie cutter isn't useless, the dog...really...the dog is, but loved, I swear!] Aunt B. had one and sent me it along with a recipe to compliment the cutter.
Sometimes you just sit back in your chair and think "Wow, someone thinks of me. I AM special." Aunt B made me feel like that today. She didn't have to dig this cookie cutter up and send it along with a recipe and note that said "Thinking of you". I only know her from one swap - but I knew after the first swap we would be friends.
Aunt B. loves to sew, so I am sending along a couple of thimbles I bought for my Grandma. I have them now because my Grandma has been gone for 13 years. I miss her and she was so wonderful.
The thimbles are purely decorative, but Aunt B reminds me of the kind heart my Grandma had and it makes me happy that she might understand that she is special too, at least to me.


Amy said...

That is such a cute cookie cutter! What a great suprise.

Glad my daughters foot cheered you up. You should have seen the bath water! I still need to clean the tub from last nights pink fiasco, there's no rush because it is too cold for ants. :)

Yvo Sin said...

Spoot the Doooot :)
That is sweet/cute. I always get cheery when someone lets me know they're thinking of me, via whatever means. Gosh, my comments lately! I sound pathetic! I'm not, I promise :)

SkippyMom said...

Yvo...I laughed so hard when I read that.

Of course you remember SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTIE and SPOOT the Dooot!...gosh we laughed.

You are loved girlie.

Gail said...

How sweet! Will you be icing the cookies to match your dog?

SkippyMom said...

Icing the cookies to match the dog? Um, no...we are making dog biscuits so Spot can play cannibal for Christmas...giggle...

I am sure I can make carrot flavored for the horses, yes? Gail?