Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Stuff Dreams are Made of....

This is my bed. I know, I know the pics aren't that close up, but you get the idea. I love my bed. Serious mattress love occurs in the Skippy household. [Get your mind out of the gutter...giggle] What I mean is - I have the most comfortable bed in the world and the fact it is a sleigh bed, king sized? With all our quilts thrown on, a cotton blanket and flannel sheets - yes, this is the stuff that dreams are made of tadpoles.
This is the end of the bed with my cedar chest and two of my grandma's quilts. The one hanging up is over 60 years old. The one across the chest is the last one she completed before she passed and is the only one any of the family is allowed to touch - and ONLY when they are sick. We call it the sick quilt. Nothing but originality in this family folks. :D
Here is a closer shot of Grandma's old quilt and one I made on the bed. Funnily enough her's is in better shape! Hee.
Okay, so you all know I didn't bring you here to allow me to wax poetic on my Sealy, right? Oh, no, no. I am having a problem with my bed; to be more specific the location of my bedroom. I have not had a total of 3 hours of sleep a day/night in my lovely bed since before Christmas.
Because? We live next door to the nicest neighbors [really!] except they have a pechant for overseas travel, for long durations and they leave their home unattended. No problem there, right? Wrong - because their lovely little home needs repairs. Specifically it needs repairs directly outside of the big window you see in the first pic'. Repairs that require parts of their home to be nailed down. NAILED DOWN SO THEY WILL STOP BANGING like a poorly trained Drumline. Jiminy Crickets! It has been windy here in Skippyville and things that are slightly detached from the roof, the second story and the deck of this home go bang...bang...bang...ALL DAY & NIGHT. I am tired and cranky and I want my nice neighbors to come home so I can hand them a ladder, a hammer and a can o' nails and simply point at the deritus that is the back of their house.
Then I will bake them cookies. And then go back to bed.
Until their cute little twins decide it is time to play basketball on the deck. [They do this all the time - but we can usually get them to skedaddle to the basketball court that is 15 feet from their back door.]


Pumpkin Country said...

You are my winner! of my dolly :) please email me

~Niki~ said...

Sorry bout that, my pc was signed in under my husbands blog. lol. You are my winner!

Amy said...

That would drive me insane! I hope your neighbors come home soon, or the wind stops, or some magical construction fairy fixes everything for you (I mean them)as soon as I hit 'publish your comment.'

Amy said...

By the way...Love the quilts.

Gail said...

How tired are you? Maybe the nail fairy can go over and nail those loose things down. They would be none the wiser. Don't admit to anything, just stop the noise.
I use a fan for white noise.
I love your guilts!
Oh, my, Amy, we seem to be thinking alike. I had not read the comments...we are on the same wave length.

Deborah Niemann said...

I'm jealous! I wish I had the quilt I grew up with. It had been made by the grandmother I never knew, and after my mother died, my sister sold it in a garage sale. Very frustrating! You're so lucky to have those quilts.