Monday, December 15, 2008

Felt Mascot/Stuffie

Well the little beasts left me a bit of craft stuff. So today I made my first felt mascot/stuffie/softee...whatever they call them. As I said, it is my first and from what I understand they have to be no more then 3 inches long, made out of felt and have a hook attached so you are able to hang it to a purse or cellphone. [My hook is on the back]

That is Pooldad's hand in the pic'. [My hand would've been dwarfed and it would have looked a foot long!] Sorry it is blurry. I am finding I need new glasses or something because my picture taking ability is quite poor lately. :D

It is a mitten for those of you who are questioning my sewing skills.


Emily said...

Cute! I'm really into mittens today because the wind chill is -30 in Minneapolis.

Yvo Sin said...

That's so adorable :)