Saturday, October 29, 2011

:::Rubbing My Eyes:::

Please, put on your Sesame Street thinking caps and riddle me this Tadpoles -Which of these things is not like the others:

      A) A tornado
     B) An earthquake
     C) Flooding
     D) Snow in October

If you picked (C) . . . ding, ding, ding! Cookie Monster hands you a cookie.

I realize they are all types of weather [and therefore do go together] but the trick to the question is that (C) is the ONLY one that is a common occurrence in Virginia.

But, somehow, our lovely area has managed all four. Yipppeee!!!!!!!!!

We received enough snow today that they cancelled Virginia State Marching Band Competition. And a couple of homecomings and parts of the National Horse show. . . etc.  Go Figure.

All's well tho'.  Squirrel is home for the weekend and we will all hang out and drink hot cocoa, while watching the flakes fall.

Did I mention it is October?  In Virginia?

Have a good one Tadpoles.


Teresa said...

what an odd time for that area to get snow. glad it's only normal stuff here in kansas. not ready for snow! i'm trying to hold out on turning on the furnace as long as i can. since ron isn't here, i don't have to worry that he's too cold.

Anonymous said...

Snow - Already?! That's early isn't it? I can imagine you're surprised.... In Sweden we get snow fairly early, especially up in the northern parts. Here in Ireland it's more unpredictable though...but hopefully they're more prepared for bad weather this year, since we had such chaos last winter. Have got me a nice winter jacket and shoes today to a good bargain. I like the winter though, when it stays cold and not rain too much.
To bad that they cancelled the home coming and music things for you today. Stay warm and cosy indoors :) Enjoy your Saturday! Hugs x

Tracy said...

At least you aren't in Colorado where they got a foot of snow this week.

Have a good weekend from sunny Oklahoma!

Juli said...

So far we still have rain.

And the tarp is still holding on the roof.

Fingers crossed.

Julie said...

there was snow on the hills when we went to Skye. Now they're telling us we have above average temps for the time of year!!!!!
But i'm still cold and needing more layers on!

Jeannie said...


I meant that in that nasty snide kiddie taunt way.

We haven't even had snow yet - right here. They had a few flakes a little north of us but I haven't seen any. The one day it rained it was almost snow - but not quite.

But there is frost on the ground every morning now. sigh. It's pretty but you need to dress warm and then by noon you look like an idiot wearing a winter coat.

Enjoy your cocoa and your daughter!

(I hope you are feeling much much better too)

ellen abbott said...

Now that's just wrong!

laughingmom said...

Isn't it weird?? We aren't far enough north to get the snow yesterday but did manage a little freezy rain. I'm waiting for the locusts and frogs!!

Rebecca said...

thank goodness i live in FL no snow

Tony Van Helsing said...

I'm still waiting for my cookie.

Yum Yucky said...

((comment #2)) is it working? My first comment was a rant about me not getting any coco. That one didn't seem to go through. xo

Crystal Pistol said...

Wow! And here I am in Tucson wearing a tank top and bare feet! I would love a little cold weather! don't know that I would appreciate snow quite yet though...

Knitty said...

I hope you are ok and didn't lose power. What ridiculous weather!

Anonymous said...

When I lived in Virginia I worked at a Bank in Richmond. As I am getting ready for work I listen to the radio start calling off business and schools that are canceled due to snow!

I quickly looked outside . . . to see an inch of snow on the ground. Really? But my bank was closed so I was happy! :D

Southhamsdarling said...

Hi Skippy! I love how you say "go figure!!!" Crumbs, snow already. That seems very early to me. Hope it's not a sign of things to come and a harsh winter. So glad that Squirrel is home though, and I hope you all keep nice and snug together. Take care my dear friend.

Celia said...

We got snow as well here in CO. I hope you are keeping warm.