Thursday, October 13, 2011

Truth is Thursday. . .

It's that time of week again Tadpoles.

Truth is . . . I was so touched by your nice thoughts for Sous Gal yesterday. Thank you so much.

Truth is. .  . that was the best part of our Wednesday.

Truth is . . . Pooldad finally was offered a raise. After almost a year, they offered him less than half of what he was asking and no health insurance.

Truth is . . . It is insulting.

Truth is . . . the bosses told Pooldad to "sleep" on their offer.  He looked at them, thought for a moment, made a counter offer and then asked them to "sleep on it."

Truth is . . . I could've spent last night crying over it, but a funny thing happened yesterday.  Seems the owner of Pooldad's old job [where he worked for over 25 years] wants to talk to him.

Truth is . . . the old job would be better money and health insurance, but longer hours and a longer commute.

Truth is . . . I feel bad for my husband. The weight of this whole family rests solely on him and no matter how hard he works, it just never seems to get better.

Truth is . . . we will work it out. Just like we always do. :D

Truth is . . . this song runs through my head a lot lately:
Truth is . . . it took me three tries how to remember how to put that up there. Duh.

Truth is . . . I am making homemade snacks for the band festival on Saturday.  Instead of cookies or brownies Wallene and I are going to make soft pretzels. YUM!

Truth is . . . I had to laugh at Wallene last night.  Her bedtime is 10 pm and she was all tucked in, with lights out, on time, when I received a magical email from her at 10:19 pm.  She meant well, but . . . um, not allowed sweetie.

Truth is . . . I was woken up at 3 am by the loudest,  most prolonged crack of thunder I have heard in a long time.

Truth is . . . I am surprised I didn't find two dogs and a kid in my bed at 3:02 am.

Truth is . . . I found all my Halloween stamps, so I think I am going to work on Halloween postcards today.

Truth is . . . I used to really like "Good Morning America:", but lately it seems to be more info-tainment [fluff stories, celebrities, music] than news.  I miss the old GMA.

Truth is . . . this whole "Blackberry Blackout" has me laughing. "OMG we noes haz da' Blackberry powerz". Jeesh people, you'll live. I swear.

Truth is . . . Wallene is marching in the Halloween parade this year and has to dress as a pop star - each member in her section will represent one era of music - but I don't know what constitutes a pop star these days.  Any ideas? [ETA @ 9 am - I have already had two votes for Lady Gaga. Wallene doesn't want to be her. She finds Lady Gaga scary.  Who knew?]

Truth is . . . she might just get that blue hair yet. heehee

Truth is . . . I really wanted her to draw a 50's teeny bopper just so I could make her a poodle skirt. I have always wanted one of the girls to wear a poodle skirt.  Alas, never had any takers.

Truth is . . . it is time to go and start our day.

[Truth is. . . I have updated this post 5x since 7 am. giggle]

Have a great Thursday Tadpoles. We'll see ya' on the flipside.


RVVagabond said...

Wallene could do an excellent Lady GaGa, which basically means anything goes, right? GaGa could totally vamp a poodle skirt done whole body pink!

Juli said...

YES! My vote's for a lady GAGA!

Or she could do a miley cyrus or something. Which invoves a blue streak in her hair and alot of bedazzlin'. :)

No thunder here yet, but I'm not looking forward to delivering mail in this weather. *sigh*

Hope Pooldad gets what he wants.. Sometimes money isn't worth it, sometimes it is. I just had this conversation with my sister this morning.

Course, food is always good. Which is also part of my problem. :)

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

Everybody will be doing Lady Gaga. Tell her to go online and Google "dress up as (fill in the name of a pop star) for Halloween" and see what comes up. My sister works at Progressive and just sent me instructions on how to look like Flo (the lady from the Progressive commercials) for Halloween. What about Christina Aguilara with that '40s look she went through? So sorry about Pooldad's job woes. These poor guys work so hard and all they get is grief.

colenic said...

What about katie Perry- she could def get her blue hair that way...and it could be fun to do the retro chick thing..
Hugs and lots of love to all of you...decisions about jobs are both will decide what's best for your family...

Shelly said...

I hope Pooldad's boss will realize they need to take care of their own if they want a thriving business. No health insurance? They should try living without it if they won't offer it to their employees.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

I always enjoy your Thursday posts. As for pop stars, I'm clueless. (Patti Page, anyone?) I hope things work out for the best with your hubby's job. Have a great day.

Jeannie said...

Don't know nuthin bout pop stars!

Truth is you put a lot of stuff out there on Thursdays

Is the old boss offering more money per hour or just more money for more hours? How much longer a commute? Is it doable or dreadful? I'll bet the health insurance would make a big difference though...that alone might be worth it.

Southhamsdarling said...

Hi Skippy. Goodness, that was a very long Truth is Thursday today my friend! If Wallene doesn't want to be Lady Gaga, I guess she wouldn't want to be Madonna either. What about Kylie? That was a bit mean of Pooldad's firm, wasn't it, only offering him a proportion of the raise that he actually asked for. It sounds as if the other job could be good, but I don't like the sound of the longer commute, as he will be away from you for longer days! :( Hope it all works out for him anyway, whatever he decides. Love it how Wallene sent you that e-mail after lights out!! Big love to you.

Yum Yucky said...

I admire real men (like your own and like mine) who do what they have to do for the family. Real men don't grow plentiful on trees either. You got a fine one there, Miss Skippy.

Anonymous said...

Good evening my friend. That was a long list today :-) I always like your Thursday posts. I agree with Yum Yucky that "real" men does not grow on trees, you have a very good man there Skippy :) Hope that things will work out for the best!

Hugs xx

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Decisions, decisions. You are right, the right decision will be made. Pop stars? I'm too out of touch with the world here at the kampground.

Teresa said...

ooohhh..... i love the suggestion for katy perry. lady gaga scares me, too.

lots of decisions....

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Truth is... this post rocks. I loved reading it.

The Crazy Coxes said...

The homemade pretzels sound yummy. I can't wait to hear what Wallene comes up with.

Rudee said...

The poor pay offer and lack of health insurance sound awful. I'm sorry. I hope the answer falls out of the sky for your family.

Our hospice was crippled by the blackberry issues and there were unfortunate delays in service. Since BB is more a device of the business world, let's just say it was very problematic for good communication.

Tracy said...

Ke$ha for the pop star or Taylor Swift.

Knitty said...

I hope employment improves and insurance becomes available.

I agree about GMA. It used to be a "can't miss" part of my morning. Now it is hit or miss if I catch it. I like everyone there, but could use a little more substance. I miss the Charlie Gibson and Diane Sawyer days but go all the way back to David Hartman and Nancy Dussault. Were you even born then??? Lol!

Anonymous said...

I know everything will work out with Pooldad's job - sending good thoughts your way!

Lada Gaga is scary! I guess Brittney Spears is too old to be a pop star anymore!