Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sparkly Clean!

Pooldad and I have the biggest bedroom in our home. Actually it is the biggest room in the house.  I have never seen such a big bedroom, but meh. . . we deal.  The biggest problem with having a bedroom so large is everything [and I mean everything] gets tossed in our room when we are cleaning up the rest of the house. It is a depository for all manner of things.  We just pile it up on one side and ignore it for a few months until it starts to infringe on our ability to walk through the room. 

That day came last week.  Pooldad got a bit fed up and decided the time had come to gut our room. WEE!

It looks wonderful!  He enlisted Wallene and they did a fabulous job. They even rearranged the room which makes me very happy because it tends to get chilly with the bed under the window.  Plus we can now relax on the bed and watch TV. Yippee!  Look:
Some of you may remember when my lovely husband bought that  comforter.
Yep, still stuck with it. At least it is warm.

Still have to hang up the pictures.

Need to add some chairs to the craft table

Our "new to us" TV
We had to relocate a lot of sweaters to give this puppy a home.

The remainder of my craft supplies

The pictures really don't do it justice as it looks so great and it's so nice to be able to walk through, in the dark, and not worry about tripping on something.  Although my husband did mention that perhaps I shouldn't look in the closet just yet. Heehee  [He was kidding.]

Hope y'all have a great Wednesday. If you need me I am going to be snuggled in my bed watching a "Law & Order" marathon.

See ya' on the flipside.


Jeannie said...

We have the largest bedroom too but it doesn't hold much. sigh. Plus we have a LOT of oversized furniture which will stay exactly where it is until I die because it is too heavy to even push an inch. Damn modern furniture that is all glue and sawdust. But it it looks pretty.

I tidied what I could a week or so ago but I have a mound of extra pillows I have no clue what to do with.

Shelly said...

It's such a wonderful thing to have your own room organized and clean, and even nicer when the ones you love do it for you. I love your craft area, btw-

ellen abbott said...

When we moved out to the country house we decided not to have a TV in the bedroom. I don't miss it at all especially since we also got a double recliner couch. We didn't really watch much in the bedroom anyway, always falling asleep soon.

Rudee said...

Good for you for making your space more personal and peaceful.It looks so cozy and inviting.

I have a bit of envy over the size of that space, I won't lie. What I wouldn't give for a little room to maneuver!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

How wonderful! I am always so excited whenever we clear some of the clutter around the house. Makes everything look new again.

Patty said...

I love clean bedrooms. Always makes me want to take a nippy nap in there.

qandlequeen said...

My bedroom is a corner of the basement. Want to talk about dumping grounds? How awesome they not only tidied up but made it a more usable space. On the other hand, I think I would lose something if someone else cleaned the area up for me.

Anonymous said...

Wow - the bedroom looks great. They did a good job re arranging things in there. It looks nice and cosy. It's nice to have a craft area like that - super!
Enjoy your day! Hugs

Southhamsdarling said...

Well done Pooldad and Wallene. The room looks great, and I can imagine how happy you must feel with it. It certainly is a lovely big room. It's such a good feeling when everything is all tidy and clean. Enjoy your lovely new room!!

Knitty said...

We have a large bedroom too but can't really re-arrange it which frustrates me and pleases hubby.

It does feel good to have a clean room with everything organized. I have a long memory and recall that feeling. ;-)

Lyndylou said...

There is nothing better than a bedroom that is clutter free. Mine is the dumping ground in our house too so it is on clutter free for a day or two at any given time.

Your room looks gorgeous :)

Celia said...

My bedroom is also in the basement, so it doubles for a dumping ground. Plus, the daughter watches tv in our room, because her tv doesn't have cable. She leaves all her junk in there. I love your comforter.

Rebecca said...

what a great job they did

Juli said...

Go You!


My bedroom is only 12 X 14. We barely have enough room for the bed and the dressers. I recently found a closet solution that I think would be prefect for us.

I have not however found the $349 to pay for it.

*double sigh*

colenic said...

My bedroom is always the one that doesn't get done. There are a million clothes and blankets and such piled up in there that really need to be put away...but seriously just hubby and I ever see why bother? I love that they did this for you and that it is nice and clean for ya!! Love ya!

Tessa said...

Just stopping in to say hello and let you knOW I am still around. Bigs hugs! Have missed you!!