Saturday, October 22, 2011

Our Weekend: Night Two - What a Great Teenager!

There are not many teenagers that can go to the mall, find a dress, shoes, jewelry and all the assorted sundries you need for the Homecoming Dance in under an hour and a half.

Wallene is one of those kids. [As Skippy looks to the heavens and silently mouths, "THANK YOU DNA FAIRY. SHE IS HER MOTHER'S DAUGHTER!]

This is the first time she has ever had to dress up and she did such a great job.

She tried on a total of three dresses.  The third was the charm:

Then came the shawl and jewelry:
Plus the cute shoes! 
[Those are going to be used again when she is an attendant at her friend's Quincenera. YAY!] 

And Momma did her hair:
 A French twist
ETA 12:15 AM - She just arrived home and not a hair has fallen out. All night, with all the crazy dancing! Wow.

She's all smiley and sparkly.

Did we not just give birth to this kid?  What is she doing going to Homecoming already?!? Yikes. 

She is off to have dinner with her 5 best girl friends at Olive Garden and then the dance until midnight.

I hope her Daddy survives this. heehee
What do you think?  [Yeah, me neither.]

Hope y'all have a fabulous Saturday night.  We'll see ya' on the flipside with an update from our road trip to JMU!

Hugs and sweet dreams.


Juli said...

So pretty!

I think I have those shoes! :)

Hope she has a great time, and tell Pooldad to get some rest!

Tracy said...

What a great shopper. Hope she has a great night and yes they grow up fast.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Wow lucky you my daughters are terrible at shopping because we will go from shop to shop and she will go yuck at so many things and it is just so frustrating or as I often say it is an exercise in

Celia said...

Very nice! Looks like there is a little ombre going on with that dress or maybe it's just the light.

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful :) Lovely pictures. Hope she will have a fabulous time. They grow up fast don't they?

Have a fantastic Sunday!
Hugs x

Jeannie said...

Great dress - she looks(ed) beautiful! You must be so proud. My baby can shop like the wind too but often, when it comes to dresses, the size 6 she needs is far too tight across the bosom to consider purchasing it - hence, instead of an hour, she often requires months to find something that fits. However, she is still wearing, at 26, some of the clothes she bought at 15. In fact, she is still wearing some of the clothes I bought for me at 16.

Anonymous said...

She is absolutely beautiful Skippy! I am that kind of shopper too - it would drive me nuts that my sister would try on 50 dresses, and then end up buying the first one she tried on!

Time really does fly, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

And you did a great job with her hair!!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Sweet! She looks so grown-up and so innocent all at the same time!

Vicki said...

I absolutely LOVE those shoes! =) She looks beautiful. I hope she had a good time. You're a lucky Mom to have such a good shopper--LOL. Some of my friends have nightmare stories about their kids. Luckily mine are easy--give them a few milk bones and they're ecstatic. Speaking of dachshies--how is Spot doing? Okay, have a great day.

Teresa said...

she looks stunningly beautiful! love the dress, the shoes, the shawl and THE HAIR! we could have used your skill amy was growing up. i am not a hair person. so uncoordinated and unskilled. (when amy was in kindergarten, she wanted me to braid her hair like one of her african-american friends. sadly, it was not a success. i can still see her little face when she viewed the results.)

Tessa said...

Only one comment - BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Rudee said...

In a word? Stunning! I love, love, love that dress.

Damon said...

nice post