Friday, October 7, 2011

You're Driving Me Bananas And That's Not Nice

It does not take seven lenghty emails to explain why you are right and we are wrong that the school lost our  $200 deposit for Wallene's band trip to Philadelphia.

The bottom line is find the money order or Wallene does not attend.

Here's the scoop on band mother volunteers:  They are NUTZ. They have entirely too much time on their hands to scribe emails.  They are just not emails that do any good in the long run. [I will say I appreciate their hard work, but c'mon ladies. .  . a little less type A personality goes a LONG way.]

Within a few days of school starting in August we were asked to submit a $200 deposit for Wallene to attend a trip to Chicago.  We arranged with the band director to turn the money in on the morning of 12th of September [the soonest we could afford it- it was 4 days after the deadline] and confirmed she would be attending.

Forward to the week of the 19th/September and we were informed, via email, that the Chicago trip was off due to lack of participation [the trip was very expensive] but they had rescheduled a quick trip to Philadelphia instead.  All we had to do was click the box on the email that informed them that we would transfer, our already paid deposit, to the Philadelphia trip.

While confirming all student balances for the trip we received a plethora of emails.  I inquired as to Wallene's balance and was told she had $58.27 [This is money she made fundraising].  Yes, doesn't look like $200, does it?  On October 5th they informed us that they never received a check, but if we had the check number they would research it.

I sent along an email stating that we had turned it in on Sept. 12th, and included the receipt for the money order. I did ask why we weren't informed back in September, when we transferred the deposit, they didn't let us know that they didn't have it then?  [Bookkeeping at it's finest, but wait. . .it gets better.]

Having already had one child go through the nightmare that is school band [seriously, I love band, but this stuff drives me bat sh*t insane] we know not to write a personal check.  We always send money orders. The reason being is because they have lost our personal checks before.  We have reissued them and then they have found the lost check and cashed both. Instead of refunding the money we have been given a credit. We won't make that mistake again.
I received an email this morning informing me that the band mother had found Wallene in school and asked her about the check.  When she found out that the check had been dropped off in the office she chastised  told Wallene that EVERYONE knows that you don't put money anywhere but IN THE SAFE in the band room!!!!!!!

Here's the problem with that - [I mean, besides she took exception with my kid?] Pooldad dropped off the check, in an envelope, completely labelled with what it was for and amount enclosed.  He is not allowed to go back to the band room during school hours. nor will the office ladies pull Wallene from class to come pick up the check so she can put it in the safe herself.  It went into the band director's mailbox, so HE could put it in the safe. [I am pretty sure he is 45 years old.  And competent.]

Evidently, 3 weeks later it hasn't made it.  Sigh.  So, in addition to giving Wallene a hard time about this I received a lovely, long, email lecture about what we did wrong.

Look, woman - your band director has a big itch to take these kids out of town. Anywhere - he HAS TO, he has always been this way.  We accommodated you, signed up for Chicago, paid, re-signed up for Philadelphia [a ridiculous trip at best] and that $200 is valuable to that trip happening.  Don't lecture me on what we did wrong. We did the best we could and were assured it was fine.

The best part?  I received several frantic emails [mass] that were begging for the money, after we had paid, because they HAD to make the appropriate deposits in Chicago and then Philadelphia.  They needed X amount of kids to get the discount and make the trip affordable.

Band mom mentioned, as of today, they had yet to deposit a single check.  So, your rush to get the money, to make the appropriate deposits [in September] and ensure a discount, was because?  :headdesk:

I don't know if I am up for 4 more years of this.

And any Tadpole that understood this?  Here ------> have an internet cookie.

Have a good Friday Tadpoles.  And I hope all of you living upstairs have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow. I am so jealous. And sad. No one invited me. giggle


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the mess you're experiencing with the school - I understand your frustration!
Sending warm hugs from Ireland - have a good day my friend. Hugs x

Marni said...

Totally, totally, totally get it. I do love J-man being in band, but dealing with the band "boosters" is a joke.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

So happy my kids are grown! I suffered through one year of PTA president ...... I have paid my dues!

Southhamsdarling said...

Hi Skippy. Like Kathy, I'm glad that i've been there, read the t-shirt and got the video! How I remember all these frustrations when the children were at school. I fully see where you are coming from, and how dare they criticize you (or approaching Wallene like that). They need to get their house in order first, before pointing the fingers at others I would suggest. Deep breaths, Skippy, deep breaths!!!

Patty said...

Sheesh! I thought band was just about learning to play an instrument. Boy was I off.

Rudee said...

I think this is all designed to drive you nutz. I hope it gets settled.

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

Thank you for the cookie. I will reciprocate with an entire $22.00 cheesecake, one of 12 that I had to purchase from a band fundraiser two years ago. They are still in my freezer because who can eat 12 cheesecakes in less than 7 years? So, do I understand your frustration with band? Uh, yeah.

Juli said...

Wait. My Mom invited us for Turkey dinner tomorrow night.


I don't know. But I'll have a piece of pie for you! :)

Thank God my kids have no interest in musical instruments. Except the drum, and their own voices.

God help me. :)

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

What an unmitigated mess. Good thing you have such a pretty head of hair. If I were you, I'd been pulling some of it out.

Oh, and thanks for the cookie. Hmm, chocolate chip!

Knitty said...

What a fine example of organization, responsibility and tact they are presenting to the band members.

Band boosters everywhere seem to fall into this mess. Since most parents are involved for a number of years, wouldn't you think a system would be established and passed down to the newer parents running the group?

I ran a Santa Shop at the elementary school and documented everything so that future volunteers could benefit from our sources, patterns (most of the items were made by parents) and learn from our mistakes. The binder was thrown away.

Yart said...

Hang in there! Band parents suck.... Well, the ones that want to be in charge anyways... I have the same problems with our "Oh Great & Mighty Band Booster"

Anonymous said...

I agree with some band parents, my step-son played football and the parents who were there for just the half time show kinda were over the top!

Hugs to you, what a hassle, you think you do everything right and then this happens - sending big hugs your way!!

Shelly said...

It does sound like those band moms love to make things way more complicated than they were designed to be. Is there any way you can stage a coup?

Joe Sixtop said...

I hate this is happened to y'all,

Julie said...

What aload of poop!!
They couldn't organize a party in a brewery!!
Just hope Wallene isn't put off band by this

Rebecca said...

you are scaring me as little man just started band this year

Tracy said...

I spent two years as treasurer for our pom booster club. I had multiple Excel spreadsheets to track each girl's individual accounts and kept up with the monthly coaching fees. I can't imagine not knowing where any money was nor can I understand why you wouldn't be notified in a timely fashion if they hadn't received your money order. I had lots of girls who were supposed to give their checks to my daughter but soon learned that was a mistake. Not because my daughter wasn't trustworthy, it was because their daughter's forgot to give them to her.