Thursday, October 6, 2011

Truth is Thursday. . .

Truth is. . . the whole concept behind a "Wordless Wednesday Post" is to not comment on the pictures you post.  We get it. No captions necessary, otherwise it isn't wordless. [I see so many people do this. Don't you?]

Truth is. . . you can't exactly rant about "stopping the teen pregnancy epidemic" in this country now when you gave birth to your child at the age of 17.  Besides, teen pregnancy rates have dropped dramatically since 1987, the year you gave birth.  You need another pulpit.*

Truth is . . . if you are going to go to another blogger's site and chide her to "save herself for marriage" because it will be so much better and then berate her because she is wrong "to give herself away", could you possibly BE married when you make that suggestion?  Instead of living with your boyfriend of six years, with one child and another on the way?  You just won hypocrite of the week blogger. *

Truth is. . . I find a lot of humor in what people forget they say on their blogs and then come back with their little causes.  Which is it?  You were a perfect teen Mom and raised the best child you could [your words], but no one else should ever get pregnant out of wedlock before the age of 20, like you?  Or a 20 something, educated, self supportive, woman who loves her boyfriend shouldn't have sex, she should wait and save herself for marriage because you said? Meanwhile you are shacked up, not married, and have a kid and a half by your boyfriend? [your words]


Truth is . . . I like other people's opinions. Heck, that is the nature of blogland. I don't care about babies out of wedlock, or people living together and :gasp: fornicating. Go for it! giggle I learn a lot by blog hopping - but stop contradicting yourself.  The only thing worse than a liar is a hypocrite.

Truth is. . . I am not really cranky, it just sounds like it. Honestly.  Those three things have been on my mind for a while.

Truth is . . . I made the gang a very yummy white bean soup tonight, in the crockpot.  Pooldad walked in the door and exclaimed, "I LOVE the FALL!"  It smelled so good.

Truth is. . .  I completely screwed up the yeast rolls and they over raised. [That's what a 5 hour nap will get you.]  It was a massive sheet of dough. Meh.  They looked weird, but cooked up wonderfully. Just hack off a piece.

Truth is . . . Scooby ate three pieces of raw dough.  So far so good. I knew it would raise in his stomach, but it was hours ago and he hasn't swelled and the vet thinks he is big enough to absorb it. [Dang dog.]

Truth is. . . I love that Wallene's school has a microwave. I have so many more options to send to school with her when it is cold. And it is cold here.

Truth is. .  .We packaged up a big Halloween box for Squirrel at college.  And we managed very little candy. It is pretty cool.  We have cavities to take care of so I figured less candy and more "treats" like stickers, pens, ornaments, papers, etc - would go a long way to making her feel all holiday spirit without rotting her teeth more. grrrr
I decorated the front like this. . .
. . .and Wallene did an awesome job on the back!
Truth is. . . I am glad Sarah Palin announced that she isn't running for President. Now, could she get off of the bus, head back to Alaska and take care of her family?  You know, the REASON she QUIT the governship - to take care of her family? Remember?

Truth is. . .I am done for this morning.  See ya' on the flipside Tadpoles. Hope you have a great Thursday.

*These two women are different people and neither are on my blogroll. These are just things they voiced one day that I have been thinking about for a while.


Celia said...

My sex education growing up was, "Don't do it. Men are evil." Did I listen? Heck no. I snuck around every chance I got. Would I tell someone to save themselves for marriage when I didn't? Nope. I do hope my children make better decisions than I did, and wait to be a little older than I was, but I'm going to be honest about sex and how to protect themselves.

Crystal Pistol said...

Good for you for even attempting yeast rolls! Yumm!! I'm no bread baker. I'm a bread eater though!

This was an exciting and passionate post. A kid and a half? Funny!

Lyndylou said...

I really enjoy your Truth is posts. They make me laugh and mega curious but like you, I hate hypocrites :)

colenic said...

I love these..
and am totally jealous of yeast rolls...I need to find a good recipe and make some...
Woke up to a chilly 35 degrees this morning and wanted to make soup this weekend...too bad it's upposed to be in the high seventies low eighties all weekend...wish it would pick a season!!
Love ya

ellen abbott said...

yeah, the whole 'do as I say, not as I do crowd'. that was our family motto. I don't think the 'rents ever got the hypocrisy in that.

Knitty said...

Oh yeah, and don't you just hate people who hate? I mean, like just detest them, could stomp on them, rip their arms out of their sockets and beat them senseless? Thank goodness I pray for these %$#* morons every Sunday.

{dripping in sarcasm for those who don't know me}

Seriously, I so agree with you and am flabbergasted that people like that never see themselves in what they say and write.

And am I glad about Ms Palin? You betcha!

Rudee said...

Oh, dear, I hope I never win hypocrite of the week award, though I tend to shy away from controversial posts and comments.

Re the bread baking...I hate when I forget and overproof. It seems such a waste of effort. Glad Scooby did ok with the raw dough. It sounds like something Leo would do.

Patty said...

You are my favortie opinionated person. You can share what you think and believe without putting people down or making them feel bad. It is open and conversational. I love it!

Anonymous said...

I really like your Thursday Truth is posts :)
Poor dog - but he didn't seem to have been effected by the yeast, did he?
Enjoy your day my friend.

Jeannie said...

Oh honey - you hit the nail on the head (this is kinda what I was getting at with that post the other day about people expecting a standard of conduct but no one actually living it - mine was vague - kudos to you for being more specific)

I do appreciate people apologizing for their own behaviour and using it as a warning to others to encourage them not to make the same mistakes - but there is a huge difference between the preachers and those who speak from humility.

Southhamsdarling said...

Like the others, I love your ThursdayTruth posts as well. This one did make me smile. Phew, I'm so glad that I wasn't one of those people you were talking about. I did panic for a minute. Hee Hee!! (You DID say that they weren't on your blog roll, didn't you?!). That Wordless Wednesday bit was so true. I've always thought that myself. LOL! I did smile at the dog rising inside along with the yeast. Thank goodness everything was alright!! Keep up the good work my friend. We all love you! Hugs.

Abigail said...

MMMmmmmmm, rolls and white bean soup sound great on a dreary strep infested day like today.
I totally understand your irritation with those bloggers. Reminds me of a conversation my hubby and I have occasionally.

Juli said...

Too funny. For a second there, I thought I was the hypocrite you were talking about since the entire post links back to me. :)

Then I realized that it's just the Thursday link. :) Oh. And the fact that I really don't care what someone else chooses to do with their life.

Excet Sarah Palin. She really needs to get off the soap box and go take care of her kids. :)

The icing on hypocrity this week though came from the haters that picket the funerals of lost soldiers and famous people. One of the spokes people "tweeted" that they would be protesting Steve Jobs funeral because he was the devil.

At the end of the tweet, it stated the message was sent from an iphone.

Duh, people. Duh.

Teresa said...

loved it! you are right on with the hypocrites and their do as i say, not as i do attitudes.

i might have to post one of these, too.

Sally said...

I love reading your Truth Is posts. I always find it interesting when I find people contradicting themselves by what they say. For instance, earlier this year on facebook, one of my cousins posted a comment regarding the show Sister Wives (which I haven't watched), to the effect of she didn't know why people were watching this and "let's get back to God". Yet, not to long after that, she commented about how she couldn't wait to watch 16 and Pregnant. How, I ask you, is any one better than the other? I wanted to comment the same question to her, but thought better of it :-)

It cracks me up that your dog at the dough! Glad he is okay. Our dog once helped herself to about 7 cooked pub burgers that we unfortunately left to close to the edge of the counter. *sigh*