Wednesday, September 8, 2010

You Know That Theory...

....that a sandwich tastes better when someone else makes it?  Even something as simple as a pb & j?  It is true. At least my family thinks so.

Seems that this theory holds true for another facet of my otherwise mundane life.  Laundry. [Yes. I am going to milk my two loads for all it is worth.  Just you hush up.]  Pooldad was good enough to put away the laundry I did yesterday and in doing so he commented "Wow. This just smells so much better when you do it."

That was enough for me.  I am on a mission.  A laundry mission.

I made a deal with Pooldad and Wallene.  If they can get their dirty clothes to the basement laundry room then I will happily wash, dry and fold their stuff.  Since one load finishes at a time and isn't too heavy I will bring it up to the middle floor and place it on the dining room table where they can carry it the rest of the way upstairs.

Pretty sweet deal if you ask me.  [If Squirrel ever finds out I am doing Wallene's laundry I am toast.  ::Waving:: Hi honey - I washed your sheets.  Care package coming soon!]

I know you guys worry about me and I so appreciate it, but I want to assure you that I am not overdoing it.  As I told the Olde Bagg I am too lazy to do too much.  I know my limitations.  Anything I do is a bonus to my family and a bump to my self esteem.  My housework is akin to walking the dogs in the evening - it stretches me out and makes me feel better.  Double bonus.

Now that I am up and about I am finding just how bad things had gotten without my input.  I am not saying that my family is lax or slobs or anything like that but it is the little things, the extras that I think I added that made their life a little better.

Kind of like a yummy sandwich and spiffy smelling laundry.

Hope you all have a great day.  I know I will. Hugs!

ETA:  Tally of loads of laundry done: 5 - in two days.  ::happydance::


Teresa said...

I know the feeling. As good as the house looked when I came back, it's not the same as when I do some of the chores. Aaron and Ron did the best they could (and Aaron kept the dishes washed, so that was good) but the "other" stuff still needs to be done. I've unpacked (in the spare bedroom/craft room) but there is still a lot to be done. Like putting the stuff away. LOL!

BTW - did you get the picture of the microwave setting on the counter? Ron loves being able to get to it and I showed him how to easily cook - just pushing the start button for however many "30 second" intervals he needs. Thank you many times over!

word vert: chick
I could do so much with this but I'll keep it simple.
- You're some kind of chick
- You've got a real chick for a daughter (both of them)
- This chick appreciates your friendship

Rudee said...

Send me your address and I'll ship my laundry over to test your theory. Could be the clan is just playing you, so I really think you need an objective opinion.


Yum Yucky said...

Why can't my husband be as laundry-flexible as yours? He watches me carry heavy loads and then crosses eyes at me if he runs out of clean underwear. Grrrr! But it's all my fault. I spoiled the old b*stard. I didn't train him properly from the beginning. BUT I have boycotted laundry before. No washing or folding of his stuff when I was really mad at him for some reason I can't even remember anymore. That'll teach him! (too bad such boycotts never lasted for more than 3 days).

Sandra said...

I bet my carpet would look so much fluffier if someone else vacuumed who in my family is going to fall for that one?
You're so funny. ANd yes, don't overdo it!