Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Lost the Bet, But Won the War [For Now]

I made a bet with Pooldad on Monday evening that his co-worker would be late for work on Tuesday after the Labor Day Holiday.  Since she is notorious for this type of thing and had taken off a half a day Friday [against company policy] I figured it was a safe bet.  Right?  [And yes, I am talking about Bee.  We all know and love her, eh?]

The bet was that if she was to come in late I would win a 5 minute back rub from Pooldad.  If she was on time I agreed to wash two loads of laundry.  I was giddy just thinking about the rub down I had coming my way last night.

Alas, she proved me proved me wrong!  She was 10 minutes early.

As shocking as that turned out to be [and it IS] she did me two favors:

Most importantly she actually showed up, on time, to take care of her job.  This, in turn, relieves my husband of her responsibilities.  THAT is always bonus.  He doesn't need to be doing two jobs.  I thank her.

Just a wee bit better tho'?  I discovered that I can do laundry and not drop dead.  BONUS!  I was determined to pay off this bet for Pooldad because he made the bet in absolute good faith. He really thought  she was going to be late.  Her attendance record for the last three years made my odds 40-1.  No kidding.  Still - he also gave me the benefit of the doubt that if she magically appeared on time that I probably couldn't do the laundry and he would've forgiven me my losing ticket - after all it is three flights of stairs to our laundry room and dirty clothes aren't exactly light.

BUT?  WEEHAA!  I am grinning from ear to ear because I DID IT.   I DID IT.  This may sound really stupid to a lot of you but maybe you don't know.  This is a victory all the way around because I finally got to do something for my husband that he has been doing for me for as long as I can remember due to my illnesses.  Call it remission, say I had a good day, wind me up and spin me around?  I don't care.

I did laundry today.  I walked those stairs and carried those baskets like a champ.

Bee?  Thanks a lot for surprising me.  In more ways then one.


Linda in New Mexico said...

Okay Skippers, but let's not get carried away, laundry or not. Remember you are like my favorite animals...slow and steady wins the race like the turtle and That'll do donkey, don't be stubborn...Oops, did I just call you a turtle and a donkey. No I didn't honest. Yay that you paid off the debt, now I just hope you don't have to pay the piper too. I know nag,nag, nag, The Olde Bagg

Life in the mom lane said...

Congrats on your personal victory with the laundry!! Isn't it funny how sometimes the simple things make us the happiest? :)

And while I know you probably DON'T want to hear "be careful"or "don't overdo" listen to Linda in New Mexico- you want to be able to continue doing this. So...pace yourself.... :)

Marni said...

Awesome!!! Proud of you!

ellen abbott said...

Good for you. It feels good to accomplish something.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

great job! congrats on both counts - her showing up and reliveing pooldad of her job and you being able to do the laundry.

i don't mind doing laundry, either. i'm happy that we have a main floor laundry room though. i hated lugging the stuff up and down the stairs.