Thursday, September 9, 2010

Skippy In the Skype with Diamonds

Or not.

For her birthday Miss Wallene received a netbook computer.  It was quite an extravagance for a 13 year old but  she didn't have her own computer and with her sister being so far away we thought that she could use it to keep in contact with her.  We were thinking emails and their blogs.

Wallene had other ideas.

Seems we purchased a pretty dang nifty netbook for her because as I was walking by her room last night I heard  her talking, very animatedly and giggling.  Knowing that the dogs were downstairs and it was too late to have friends over on a school night I was curious so I knocked on her door.  When I entered I was tickled to see Squirrel LIVE! on the netbook's screen and chatting away.  Wallene had noticed she has a camera feature on her computer and decided to download Skype and get Squirrel to do it too.  It is so AWESOME.  It was great to see Squirrel live and hear her voice. [I am missing my lil' girl something awful.  Big surprise, right?]  She looks so fabulous and is very happy with classes and marching band.  [She challenges on Tuesday.  Good thoughts tadpoles, good thoughts!]

Pooldad and I were able to chat with her for a few minutes but the girls had to get back to their sister thing so we let them go and they proceeded to chat for another hour.  It was sweet.

Now I want a camera on my computer [How is it that a laptop that is less than three years old doesn't have this feature?]

Doesn't seem fair that my 13 year old can Skype and I can't.  I did try to download Skype just to use the voice part of it but my computer won't let me do that either.

I think I know what I want for my birthday. :D  And it ain't diamonds.

Hope you all have a great day!


Rudee said...

I used Skype to keep in touch with my sister when she lived in the Middle East. The only trick was calculating the time difference.

You can purchase an inexpensive webcam Skippy so you don't miss out on the fun.

Linda in New Mexico said...

Oh dang it, I just gave away my web cam cuz I didn't use it anymore. That's how I didn't completely loose my mind when the kids lived in SC. At least I got to see their bright and shining faces once a week. Well at least GK. Ry was always in motion...that was pre meds and he was a wall climber, poor little critter. So I just saw flashes of him in the background as he ran by. But, GK would sing to me, play dress up for me and tell me stories. I tried reading to her but she always fell asleep...tee hee and then her Mom would come in and find her asleep and me reading to myself....I gave up. Get one Skip, you'll love it.

Life in the mom lane said...

Skippy you can buy a web cam @ best Buy etc. for under $30! I need to get one for my laptop so I can "see" Stefanie- and by the way... we are DEFINITELY going to meet parents weekend! we can talk details closer to the date! I can't wait! :)

colenic said...

radio shack often has webcams on sale for less than $15- they clip right to the top of the computer...let me know if you don't have a radio shack- there's one right next to my office- I can pick one up for ya! We used Skype when my parents were in germany- I wasn't able to download at first either- their troubleshooting was awesome on their website and had me up and running in no time...

Amy said...

I need to get that for my In-laws. I think the kids would hae a blast with that.

Isn't it nice to have kids that LOVE each other?

sapphireblue said...

They seem like very close siblings

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

i love skype! and webcam! that's how i get to see my grandkids in WA. I know you can get an external webcam (my sister got one for my mom) but i can't tell you how reliable they are.

Sandra said...

I love that your girls are so close. And that Skype! See, this generation is so much smarter than ours was. We had to handright letters to each other, never mind downloading...what the hell was downloading???
I'm so glad you got to see Squirrel! (you need to find a new nickname for her, I keep picturing her with bucked teeth :)

christopher said...

Yay for Skype! I recently got a netbook and set it up so that Jasper could see his grandparents, and them him. They always said in the future we'd have video phones. Well, it is the future.