Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another Awesome Give Away!

Yes! You CAN win this!
Photo courtesy of Roundabout

It is always a hap-hap-happy day when I find a new blog that is not only a fun read - but is inspiring too.

The nice lady over at Roundabout is just such a blogger.  I know a lot of you are fans of Barb at The Big Red Barn, as am I, and it turns out Ms. Roundabout is Barb's niece!

[Gotta love blog hopping!]

Ms. Roundabout just started her blog last month but every post is neater than the last - she is very crafty and has a talent for upcycling that I find very cool.

Yes, yes...so the give away?

Our new blogger friend has generously offered to raffle off one of her darling cake plates to one of the first 25 people who follow her blog.  Just pop on over, scroll down near the bottom and click the follow button.  Easy peasy, eh?

Complete bonus - you get a great read, fantastic ideas and the chance to win an adorable, one of a kind, custom made cake plate.

It's almost like Christmas came early. hee

1 comment:

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

OK - I'm the 9th follower. With only 25 people in the running for the give-away, I might stand a chance. LOL - I've just about quit trying on those blogs that say you get an entry for following, one for leaving a comment, one for posting about it on your blog, one for following on twitter, one for following on facebook, and one for sending in your first-born child. well - maybe they don't say that last one, but you get my drift. i think after three million entries on something, the odds are definitely stacked against me.