Sunday, September 12, 2010

Told You It Would Match

This is Lester

This is Lester's new Momma.
See how well Lester blends with her room?

The one word that can cause couples to enter therapy or divorce outright.

Fortunately Pooldad and I love to paint.  He cuts the corners and I roll the walls.  We have painted more rooms than we have children, marriages or mortgages.  

We love to paint.

Until today.  Seems I don't do gripping large handles very well anymore.  Poor Pooldad.  Except......

Wallene stepped up and rolled those walls like a professional.  They look awesome.

As for Lester?  He was a lovely gift from ye' Olde Bagg [hi! Linda!] for Wallene's birthday.

I told Linda that Wallene was matching her room to Lester.

See?  Told you he would match. hee.

Wallene has been patiently anticipating the painting of her room because she wants to hang up all your beautiful birthday wishes.  After it dries tomorrow and she arranges stuff we will post the awesome pics of your lovely gifts. Thank you again for making my lil' girl feel special.

Nice touch tadpoles. :D


RV Vagabonds said...

Love, love, love little Lester AND the color of the walls! And look! Wallene's tee shirt matches the colors of her room!!! How cool is that?????? Heh!

Word vert: miarcout. If you look closely at my most recent pictures, you'll see I need miarcout.

Life in the mom lane said...

how cute... I LOVE< LOVE LOVE the color.. that blue is sooo soothing!!


Linda in New Mexico said...

touchdown on the color match. Lester seems very happy with ya'lls work. I'm so glad he will "blend in nicely". Ms. Wallene, please forgive me for calling you and writing down your sisters name for you. And to prove what a fool child I am I gave the wrong name to Adopt An Alien too. You and Lester can send me my punishment and I will accept it as I made a big ol booboo. Sorry kiddo.
vert word: thdom.....that's the noise Lester makes when no one is around, or so I've been told. Thdom. sorta like Ta Dah.

Jeannie said...

Bravo! Isn't it great when they step in for you and surpass your expectations?

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

the room is gorgeous! lester looks so happy in his new abode. you did a great job, wallene!

word vert: menth
i menth to tell you how much i wuv you.

Sally said...

I love this color! Lester will be a nice added touch, too :-)

Yum Yucky said...

When you are a kid. Stuffed animals are real. They can listen and comfort and be your best friend. Lester is gonna be awesome for Wallene.

And the lovely card I got. OMgosh!!!! I will keep it forevah. And I mean that.

Anonymous said...

I received the cutest I Love Canadians postcard from your daughter the other day. It made my husband and I smile. Actually, it made my day!