Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Dogs Are in Cahoots

Scooby is laughing at me.
Spot says "I din't do nuffins."
Lil' gooberheads.

I walked with Wallene up to her bus stop today and left the pups here.  I thought nothing of it since I would only be gone for 10 minutes.  What possibly could happen?

[Obviously!!!] I need to ask myself that question more often .  And?  I really need to answer myself.  Jeesh.

My dogs are barkers.  They bark at air, wind, rain and anything that approaches our front door.  Including us.    Always us.  It is ridiculous.

So when I came up the front steps I noticed a lack of their usual exuberant  "OMG there is someone here! Bark, bark, barkity, bark, bark."  Then I thought "Oh sh*t they are into something."  I opened the front door to find neither dog there to greet me. [Double sh*t] When I came up the foyer steps I heard a faint "woof" and as I rounded the corner into the living room Spot was just sitting there, looking all innocent, as her big brother escaped casually made his way down the stairs to our family room.

Yeah, right gang.  Okaaaaaaay - Scooby never ever leaves my side unless he has done something he knows is bad - so leaving the room with nary a glance back told me that something was going to wreck my morning in about oh....about....6.32 seconds.  

Turns out Spot is the look out for Scooby while he raids the garbage can.  He is tall enough to stick his head in it and he basically throws down morsels for her while she keeps an eye out for me to return. This explains the quiet woof I heard.  It is to warn him. [Like I so wouldn't have heard that Eva Braun.] 

BAH.  Silly dogs.

Still - I had the last laugh because there was nothing good in the garbage anyway [thank goodness].  So HA on you Mutt and Jeff!  Plus they missed the plate of banana nut muffins cooling on the rack on the counter.

It was a quick sweep up and afterwards I put on a crock pot full of soup. Now I guess I will make cookies.

Hey - it beats the heck out of cleaning toilets.  :D


Celia said...

Yeah, I see that guilty look on the little one.

Hype0724 said...

That's cute. They bard because they either want food or just happy to see you.


"Adventures of Grocery Clerks"

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

That's funny. When I had the two Saints, they would do the double team thing. The girl dog would be the lookout for the Mr. Murphy. They of course only had to do a casual glance and get entire roasts, loaves of bread and the occasion left over cake, pie or cookies. And they were all purpose cuz their tails cleaned off tables and well there ya go. Sweep and eat. even though they were trouble I sure do miss them. This piece of dog we have not just flies onto tables, eats everything she finds and there is no 10 second rule for the floor anymore cuz it's goooooooooooone.
vert word: eulie, Eulie my dogs alone and they bark too. Mostly at each other.

Teresa said...

LOL - that is so funny. Smart dogs.

Cookies sound good.

Sandra said...

The little one looks guilty as all can be!

Amy said...

That is too funny!