Friday, September 17, 2010

Five Word Friday

I made bread today.  daYUM.

Tell what you did today.

[Comments in five words, please.] :)


Sandra said...

You could have bought bread :)
....oh who am I kidding, I cannot keep it a five words! I love bread! Especially homemade...especially dipped in molasses!...ok...I'm done many words was that?

SkippyMom said...

Cookies+Bread+Molasses=Your address? :D

Sally said...

Yumm! I want to learn how to bake bread.

I went to four schools today :-)

Amy said...

I sat on my butt.

(but only after running kids to school, birthday parties, and other stuff.)

That bread looks awesome!

I have a great recipe for Wheat bread. I'll email it to you next time I make it.

SkippyMom said...

@Sally - 4 schools? Wow! You must be pooped. And if you want a good, foolproof bread recipe check out Suzane's Grandmother Bread at Chickens in the Road [on my blog roll] She is an awesome cook/baker and she swears by it. This bread is not that recipe, it is actual bread machine dough I baked in the oven - I can't need anymore. It is still so tasty. Yum.

@Amy - You deserve to sit on your butt. :D - And yes please on the wheat bread. I prefer that over white any day - but I didn't have any wheat flour yesterday. :(

SkippyMom said...

*knead [evidently I can't spell anymore either]

Teresa said...

@skippy - lol on the spelling.

my post:

i + drove + to + kansas + city

i just read two posts in a row with beautiful bread in the pictures. that is so cruel. i want some home made bread. i am so jealous. what a way to taunt people. you big ole' meanie.

j/k... love ya...