Saturday, May 14, 2011

Is My Self Righteousness Showing?

Remember the post about Scooby and Coco?

I received over 15 comments on that post before Blogger went down on Thursday [I lost them] and it appeared that you all know me well enough to understand why I posted the way I did and agreed it wasn't too bright that Coco wasn't on a leash in that situation. Heck, even Jeannie agreed! [love you Jeannie :)]

Seems there is someone out in blog land that feels that I was over the top on that post and has taken me to task on it.

I give you joi:

"I think you should get a grip.
Why the name calling and the insults?
You are so self righteous. I wish you hadn't commented on Jill's post so I would never have clicked (by accident) on your self righteous, judgmental, dribble. Jill's posts are full of wisdom, grace and compassion as well as a desire to look at herself and others and find connection. I don't see how having her dog on a leash would have prevented or even helped the situation--it could have made it worse, if she would have started pulling on the leash in panic and your dog reacted. My dog (who is only 17 pounds) has picked up squirrels and rats, while on leash.
Things happen. Regardless of your assertion that you're not libel because the other dog was off leash I think you're looking for excuses. Splitting the vet bill would be the right thing to do. And people rarely learn lessons from people who try to shame them. You and your dog ARE partially responsible. And if you truly cared about dogs and their owners and wanted the dog-owner, to learn a "safety" lesson from this, kindness would have gone alot further. Plus, I'm sure you can't relate to someone carrying their dog--Your dog is really BIG. A tiny tea-cup pet is a very different experience. "

Kind of angry, isn't it?

I didn't realize that post would illicit such a strong response when I was simply posting about something I was upset about and truly believe in [leashing your pets.]

In fairness I did say to tell me I was wrong, so she has every right to do so.  Heck even if I hadn't asked for it she is still entitled to her opinion.

I think the problem lies in the fact that this was the first post of my blog joi has ever read and does not know me.  It may be an unfortunate post to walk into my blog on but I will stand by my words because I truly believe not having Coco on a leash was stupid [which is my worst "insult" btw] and that we aren't liable [not "libel"] for the vet bills.  Had our daughter seen our neighbor coming up to her with Coco on a leash Wallene would've moved the dogs out of reach as she has been taught.  I wasn't looking for excuses to get out of a vet bill [or shame anyone for that matter] and have been assured by the owner that we are not at fault and they are sorry they put our daughter in that situation.  Just as we have apologized that their pet was hurt.  Please know I posted about the situation to vent and would never, ever say anything of that nature to the owner in real life.

joi doesn't have a blog so I can't see if she is truly this angry all the time, but I hope that, in the future, she doesn't stumble across one of my tuna casserole or fried chicken posts that peezes her off.

Hope you all have a great Saturday.  I am off to carry my 14 lb dachshund around the house because, y'know, I just don't know what it is like.

Got rollerblades?

[Hey Snookie - is the font better. I couldn't change the color, but did the font for you. :) Let me know.]


Rudee said...

It wasn't you--it was blogger altogether and effected about 0.16% of bloggers comments and posts. Happened on the 11th. I lost 9 of my comments on my post of that day.

ellen abbott said...

I don't know about Snookie but I find this font easier to read.

It amazes me how a total stranger will flame another total stranger just because they disagree with something said or written (I've been on the receiving end once or twice). disagree all you want but no need to be ugly about it.

theblonde said...

In response to your comment on my blog:
Our dish pan is on a rolling cart and is rolled back to the kitchen when filled. I guess people were overfilling it and dishes were slipping out? However, I agree that accidents happen and it should be built in to the restaurants costs.

In response to this post: I agree with you! Rollerblading while holding your dog is strange and dangerous in my opinion. If she had tripped and fallen, she could have landed on the dog and hurt him much worse than Scooby did.
Having the dog unleashed and placing him on the ground in front of your massive pups makes her liable (or libel, haha). Your daughter had the right idea, being about to tell her to pick the dog back up! I don't think you should have to pay one penny of a vet bill if they ask.

Rudee said...

And upon reflection, it is indeed surprising that a stranger would come to your site and scold you like this. People seem forget there is another human on the receiving end of their words and while they have a right to voice their own opinions, they should do so with reserve. You had a right to be upset and I agree with theblonde, it makes no sense to skate with such a tiny dog in your arms. One spill and she could have crushed her own dog. If the law in your community is to leash all dogs, as it is in mine, then the skater was clearly in the wrong. The one who pays the price is poor Scooby, who must now wear a muzzle on his walks.


Phelan said...

try coming to my blog and the first thing you see is a post on home butchering. wow does that get people's blood boiling.

I lost all my comments on 2 posts. At least you kept some.

I don't like dogs off leash or allowed to roam. Why? because they like to try to kill my livestock. I will shot a dog on my property if my own dog have yet to kill it. And I am including small dogs because I have all size of livestock. I have seen a toy poodle rip the tendons from the lower legs of cattle before.

The lovely child that replied to you probably has been on the receiving end of her dog being attacked. People that have suffered due to their own carelessness tend to lash out at others because of guilt.

bruce said...

your friends know what you are like...they love you for you! your blog, vent when ever you need to...

you know what irks me?

whatever her name is entitled to her opinion, but libel is the wrong word. As soon as you use the wrong word you have instantly lost my interest in what you have to say.

and become an idiot.

it shows your ignorance. (or you're ignorant)

libel and Liable are two distinctly different words. in context, this word should have been liable.

libel is defamation of character.

liable is legally responsible.

do you have liability? we all do. our pets are our responsibility. but it all comes down to good judgement.

and limiting risk.

whatever. the thing is the dog should not be carried while you are blading.

that is idiotic.

poor judgement and large risk leads to stupidity and injury.

would you blade with human baby on your back? or on your front?

the person responsible is the person that put their animal in harms way, using poor judgement.

when you see a big dog, bigger than you own slipperdog, stay the f*ck away. that is good judgement.

but then again, carrying your pooch in a backpack...

one day our world will be cleansed of idiots.

there will be very few people left.

I rest my case.

love ya Skippy!

Knitty said...

Trying to think like Judge Judy (pretending I have a little lace collar on and looking like I am sucking on lemons), I would say that if both dogs had been leashed and this happened, you would be slander (or is the word liable? wink, wink ) for half of the vet bills.

Placing her dog down in front of another dog was ridiculous on her part. I equate that with proceeding on green from a traffic light without checking cross traffic. You may have the right of the way, but if a driver from the cross direction isn't paying attention, you could be dead right. We all must use common sense.

I'm taking my judicial robe off now. It is polyester and doesn't breathe at all. No wonder Judge Judy looks steamed all the time.

lyndylou said...

oh boy, that woman definitely had a bee in her bonnet! She should have read some of your other stuff to get a feel for the kind of person you are before she vented.

This is your blog, write what the hell you want but I can imagine how upsetting it was to get such a lecture from a total stranger!

colenic said...

I am sorry that someone said those words about are truly one of the most caring, honest and upbeat people that I have had the pleasure of "knowing"...
If it matters, I like the font better..hugs to you...enjoy your rollerblades and don't get hurt :)

Bouncin' Barb said...

Anybody who comments like that on any blog is an ASS. Plain and simple. If they are new then they can go away. It's not like a good friend you've blogged with for years wrote something so negative and stupid. Personally, knowing how precious your breath is, I wouldn't waste any of it on this drivel. Love you and so do all your followers.

Jeannie said...

People like to bitch. The leash would have helped if the girl was smart enough to keep her dog at a safe distance from a dog that could eat it for lunch. I meet many people on our walks with dogs - and if the dogs are interested, we tend to ask permission before letting the animals do the sniff and greet. In off-leash areas (official or otherwise) you still have to watch the dogs and be prepared to separate them because even if your dog is generally good, they sometimes have instant hate for each other. It's a risk at all times. Small dog owners need to be particularly careful. Big dogs don't have to be bullies to see a furry little animal as a toy.

Anonymous said...

That comment is really harsh. That person should have taken the time to read more work before flaming you with the negativeness. They don't know you!

Tony Van Helsing said...

Nothing wrong with healthy debate. I don't expect people to agree with everything I say on my blog and I want them to criticize me if they think I am out of order. Never take it personally unless they make it so.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

People find it easier to write things in an email (or in a blog comment) that they would never dream of saying to another person face to face. Cowardly, but true. I'm sorry that gal was unkind, but don't let it get to you.

On losing the comments on your blogpost: when Blogger was doing maintenance to repair some glitch or another, they removed all the blogs that had been posted in something like the past 24 hours. Now that they've been restored, the comments don't seem to have made the return trip back with them. (Guess Blogger ate 'em!) If the comments are amongst your deleted emails, you can restore them to your blogpost, if you'd like. That's what I did. (Only downside is that my darned mug shot shows up next to every single one of them. A bit nauseating. HA!)

Take care.

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

Some people are angry and bitter and they would argue on a blog if you posted something about the world being round.

Anonymous said...

Hooray - I can finally comment! I've been getting error messages the last few days.

Just last week when I called myself a "retarded shining star" I got about 2 dozen emails saying that I am so insensative, etc. Whatever, they don't know me and life is too short to get upset about a rude comment.

Thanks for jumping up and down for me all the way from VA for my weight loss! :D


Snookie said...

I like this font much better! Easier to read by far. Thanks for thinking of these eyes.

Vicki said...

I like this font much better and that lady is a nut. For one thing, she doesn't come to read your blog regularly and didn't you actually mention several times that you were venting? I read and understood that.

Also, the idiot who was rollerblading with a dachshund doesn't deserve to have it. That is so dangerous--I have 2 of them who I love dearly--(used to be 3 but had to put my Brandon down in April because of a brain tumor =( ) Anyway--you have to be so careful with their backs--my God I am appalled that she did that.

When I take my dogs out to do their business in my yard, I won't use their leash--but for walks--always. My Maxwell will go up to any dog and try to play. =) My Simone won't, but she doesn't like to go out for walks anyway--she goes out for what turns into "carries" LOL. That woman is just totally irresponsible across the board and you have every right to be upset.

Sandra said...

Personally I'm always stunned when people take the time and energy to comment so aggressively. To me that's a sign that you did in fact hit a nerve, and further more, screw that person. We all know you have a heart of gold.

Martha said...

Bah...forget her. I had someone leave a bunch of really hateful, insulting comments on my blog (anonymously, of course). Hiding behind a keyboard makes people really bold because they don't have to take any accountability--a total cop out.

Mynx said...

Heard you have really made it in blogworld when someone leaves you a hate comment or email.

I like the others dont mind a little debate but that was pretty nasty.

We all know how nice you are and how much you love and care for your family (not mentioning womba- ball)
and everybody is entitled on thier blog to have a rant sometime.

Wonder if she is like that with all her comments. Joi by name but not by nature

Mountain Mama said...

Ditto what Bruce said!

You already know how I feel about this one, Skippy.

Hugs :)

Jo-Anne Mother and Nanna said...

What got me about that comment was being her first time to your blog she should have gone back and read some earlier posts to get an idea what you are like and not judge by the first thing she read......yes she is allowed her own opinion but I felt she was rude and if you can't spell have a dictionary at hand and use it....I do.

B said...

maybe it's just me, but if I happened upon a blog that I had never been to before and read something I found offensive, I would simply move on to the next blog. I wouldn't take the time & energy to respond...There are actually a few that this has happened with- one guy proposes on his blog that American women are all b*tches and men should only marry mail order brides.... I thought he sounded like a twit- but did I comment? No- it's his opinion and I simply clicked out of his blog- kinda like if you come across a t.v. station you don't like- all you have to do is hit the remote.