Monday, May 23, 2011

The Day Just Keeps Getting Better and Better And Then You Fall Down the Stairs

It's almost a metaphor for my life. giggle

No worries Tadpoles I am fine.
Only my pride [my arms and tailbone] is bruised.

Sunday was

This list of the day's events will sound boring to most, but indulge me - because it was awesome.

  • I awoke first - at 9 am [yay sleep!] 
  • Bathed [by myself!] dressed [by myself!] 
  • I curled my hair and put on make up [rare!]
  • Surprised the entire family when they woke up.  They wondered where we were going heehee
  • The weather was spectacular and I opened all the doors and windows - fresh air!
  • Pooldad and I went to Dunkin' Donuts for coffee and doughnuts - brought some home for the girls
  • We took the dogs on a looooong walk
  • Had the most spectacular hour long chat, while sitting on my back porch getting the sunshines, with my bestie :waving at Little River: 
  • For the first time in 6 [?] years I made my infamous Chicken n' Dumplings [Pooldad usually makes this, but I wanted to give him a day off - he is working so hard.]
  • I ate the deliciousness of the aforementioned [and didn't get sick!]
  • I cleaned the kitchen, not once, but twice!
  • Relaxed and reminisced with Pooldad after the girls went to bed
I must have been feeling all HERO-like [you can step in any time Adorkable Ditz with a theme song, giggle] because at one point I skipped [literally] off to the bathroom and on the way there I slipped on the top step and fell - WHAM! - right on my tailbone on the hardwood foyer floor.

I hit so hard I woke up Wallene and scared the beehoohoo out of Pooldad [who was in the kitchen and came running!]

OUCH. Dagnabit.

My completely awesome day ended with me limping to bed, nursing my wounds [and, again, my pride].

But you know?  The bruises are going to  fade, but yesterday won't. And that is the best!

I did it Tadpoles. 
I was ME for a whole day. 
Yay me!


colenic said...

Sounds like a perfect glad that you shared it with us...hugs to you

sapphireblue said...

Do you need the hemmrhoid donut?

Bouncin' Barb said...

So glad you felt good all day long Skippy. Your friend in Little River is a very lucky lady. Sounds like you and PD had a great day together and your girls got some good donuts! haha. Be careful on those stairs. Do I have to put up a caution sign: NO SKIPPING?

Odie Langley said...

Glad you had the good times to enjoy but sorry you took the fall. Hope it gets better quickly.

Thisisme. said...

That day doesn't sound one bit boring to me little SkippyMom! It sounds just wonderful - and THEN - you have to go and spoil it all by falling down the stairs!! What am I going to do with you. Anything to get attention!!! Hee Hee!! Seriously though, I hope your bottom isn't too sore this evening. It must have felt SO good for you to be YOU for a whole day. Happy, Happy, Happy for you my dear friend across the pond x

Jumble Mash said...

Awwww sounds amazing! Except for the falling part! Hope your bum feels better soon :)

Rudee said...

With the exception of the spill, it sounds like a perfect day. You deserve more days like that--just leave out the ending next time.

lyndylou said...

What a great day you had my friend but falling on your butt was a total bummer! Pardon the pun.

A few more days like that would be good eh?

Hope your sore bottom isna derlin' today! (Scottish word for sore)

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Ouch! Glad you had such a good day, though. Isn't it funny how being sick makes one appreciate normal! I was on crutches many years ago with a broken foot and refused help with everyday chores. I was, after all, supermom. One day had been particularly productive and I was full of myself as I rounded a corner and slipped on something causing the crutches to fly out from under my srms. I landed full on my butt. It hurt, but I couldn't stop laughing, thinking what I must have looked like! Thanks for the stroll down memory lane .......

becca said...

that is wonderful you go girl. i'm so thrilled to hear this except for your tumble that was bad but it sounded like the perfect day.

becca said...

that is wonderful you go girl. i'm so thrilled to hear this except for your tumble that was bad but it sounded like the perfect day.

becca said...

that is wonderful you go girl. i'm so thrilled to hear this except for your tumble that was bad but it sounded like the perfect day.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

The falling down part stinks, but the rest of the day sounds ideal. One thing about being ill is you never take the "good days" for granted. I hope you have a whole lot more of them.

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

Oh what a wonderful day you had shame it had to end with a thud followed by pain and cursing.......was there cursing would be if I did

The last time I fell on my tailbone was when my girls where at school and I fell down some steps while picking them up early and did I yell.....sure did.

I hope you are feeling better now.

Jeannie said...

Sounds amazing! A normal day is a fantastic day.

Patty Cakes said...

Even average days are fantastic when you write about them. And your fantastic days (as described) are spectacular. La-hove dees blog.

Julie said...

I'm glad you had a good day - can i come join next time - i'll even wash the dishes!!
In time, even the falling on the stairs will be part of the fun of the day - when your bahookie (another good scottish word for you) isn't so sore!!!!

Anonymous said...

Heehee took me a second to understand why you mentioned me. Hope you feel better but that does sound like an amazing day. I Spent that entire day just getting to Misery I mean Missouri.