Thursday, August 25, 2011

Truth is Thursday. . .

The fabulous and funny Julianna over at Surviving Boys (Mom 2 Mental Midgets) does a post every Thursday called "Truth is Thursday".  I enjoy hers so much that, on her invitation, I have decided to play along too.  Such fun!  If you like the idea you are more then welcome to join and link up over at her blog on Thursdays. YAY!

Here goes. . . .

Truth is. . . . .I am still wrecked from the car trip on Sunday.  I want to feel better. Yesterday. Dagnabit.

Truth is. . . . .I ate a .75 cent frozen pizza last night and it was really tasty.  Or I was just really hungry.  I think it was 50-50.

Truth is. . . . I am getting kind of excited for school shopping this weekend. [Okay, who just fainted?]  I think it will be fun to outfit Wallene for high school and I love me some new school supplies. heehee

Truth is. . . .I am glad August is almost over.  I am ready for September to be here and to see the leaves change, the swimming pools close and my husband to work 4 days a week instead of 5. BONUS!

Truth is. . . .earthquakes are not my cup of tea.  I don't know how my west coast friends deal with the big ones, because 5.9 is about all I ever want to go through again.  It was literally one of the top 10 weirdest things I have ever experienced in my life.  Oh, and the aftershocks can stop anytime they want. Thank you.

Truth is. . . . I have had to rethink my view on Wal Mart.  Although I dislike their business practices and have boycotted them for years, there is no denying they are the cheapest place in town and in this economy.....

Truth is. . . . I think my last statement just made me a hypocrite.  Oh well, after the stock market tank - we need to really watch our pennies.

Truth is. . . .this was fun. I think I will do it again next week.

Please take a moment to go over and visit Juliana as she is getting married on Saturday! WOOT!

Have a wonderful Thursday Tadpoles.  I bet it is going to be a great day!!


Tracy said...

We had an earthquake in Oklahoma earlier this year and it sounded cars crashing into the building. We have tiny ones all the time that you barely notice but this one I recognized (without even living on the west coast) and knew to go stand in my doorway. Maybe years of emergency practice with tornadoes helped.

And I agree that August can't go away fast enough. Please take this heat away.

Rudee said...

August wasn't bad, but I could have done without the heat of July. I'm glad that's gone.

I hope you don't get much rain, but it's looking like you're in for a big blow. Stay safe!

Jeannie said...

Truth is:
- I'm glad I don't have to bother with back to school stuff any more
- I agree somewhat about the Walmart thing. I will rarely ever shop there yet but I totally understand why so many do. I go to smaller discount stores (Canadian!) instead. And Costco - although that is getting to be less with fewer mouths to feed and no salons to supply with toilet paper and paper towels.
- not sure I could come up with a multitude of confessions that I'd want to put out there every Thursday

Anonymous said...

I am ready for September too! Fall is my favorite time of year - and I too love new school supplies! :D

Anonymous said...

Truth is...the year goes by so awfully fast...almost September....and it's Friday tomorrow yippieee. Time to chillax at ChillesVille :)
Hugs from Dublin

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

The truth is, I know it's wrong to wish time away, (God knows it already moves too fast) but I am soooooo ready for cooler weather to get here.

Rebecca said...

the truth is i love this post and yum Pizza of any kind is good

Juli said...

Thanks so much for playing!

I love Truth is because I can just throw out there what ever I'm thinking. :)

Walmart is a sad staple around here. Simply because I pass it 4 to 5 times a day. *sigh*

Thanks for the love!

Sally said...

I love reading your truth is statements! I love learning about others and finding new things in common.

I am a half-hearted Walmart boycotter. I used to shop there a lot for most things (other than groceries). Then, one day around Christmas time I was made to stop while they checked my bags. I didn't appreciate that (I expect it at places like Sams Club where you are not given bags, etc.)

So now, I shop across the street at Target. It's a bit closer so its a bit cheaper on gas. Plus, at least here, most similar items are a couple cents cheaper... and Target lets you stack their store coupons with manufacturers coupons :-)