Monday, August 22, 2011

The Inadvertent Shoplifter

Raise your hand if you know which one of us stole from the local campus store yesterday.

I wasn't out of the car - so if you guessed me? Nope.
Pooldad was pumping gas - so if you guessed him? Nope.
Squirrel was at band - so if you guessed her? Nope.

But, if your first guess was Wallene? You are a winner!
While on our roadtrip yesterday Wallene had mentioned she wished she had brought a book or something to read.  Fair enough. The kid loves to read - anything - and was a bit bored during the five hour trip. [This is important to the story in a moment.]

As we were leaving Harrisonburg we stopped to get gas [$3.39 - such a bargain!].  Pooldad and Wallene went inside to pay and pick up refreshments.  While Daddy stepped outside to pump gas she was still inside.

Finished, they piled in the car and we were on the road.

Twenty minutes later we heard a crinkling sound from the back seat and Wallene exclaimed "Oh! I know where THAT is!"

Dad glanced at me with a quizzical look and then asked her "What?"

She responded "The Naval Memorial in Washington, DC."

His next question was "Wallene what are you looking at?"

She replied "A map of Washington, DC."

I asked "And where, pray tell, did you get this map Wallene?"

She innocently said "You know those map displays they have in stores where you can just pick one?  Well, I picked DC."


I asked her to hand me the map and after examining it I discovered that it was an huge road map and the SKU on the back indicated it cost $4.95.

Sigh.  She thought it was a free display and just picked her favorite place to explore.  And walked out with it!

Guess who sent off $5.20 to the corner store on campus?
With an apology.

If you guessed Skippy you would be right. :)


Rudee said...

I have to watch Rachel like a hawk inside Target or she'd go home with every Disney movie they have. She thinks all the world is her oyster. Another free spirit!

Knitty said...

Maybe she was channeling a relative who remembers when maps truly were free.

Go back a few days on my blog and get the address for glass-giant and make her a wanted poster. ;-D

Teresa said...

LOL! when shaun was a toddler, i'd have to check his diaper bag before we went home from anyone's house. if he liked a toy, he'd just quietly go put it in his bag and then move on to something else.

Juli said...

Eh... You have no idea how may people try on sunglasses and walk right out of the store with them.

You paid for the map... no harm no fowl. :)

RVVagabond said...

Too funny--love the wanted poster!

And way to go for setting a great example for honesty! I'm sure the store owner will be amazed and impressed when they open your envelope.

word vert:semper. Skippy--semper pius.

Lyndylou said...

Tee hee hee. I once walked out without paying for my newspaper as I had it under my arm while I carried some other stuff.


Anonymous said...

OMG, too funny Skippy! I one time stole a bazooka bubble gum after my Mom wouldn't fork over a lousy penny for it.

Ten minutes in the car and I decided to blow a bubble and was busted! I had to go back to the store and even at the age of 5 I remember the incident like it was yesterday!

Jeannie said...


I don't recall any of my kids doing that - I've stopped Gary from picking up free stuff that wasn't though.

I've nearly taken stuff - just holding onto it for so long, I forgot I had it in my hand - but discovered it before leaving.

Our gas is at least $5/gal. :(