Sunday, August 21, 2011

Goodbye, Good Luck And OH, By The Way? Happy Birthday

For the second year in a row we are taking Squirrel back to college on her birthday.

Very inconvenient, but it is what it is.  So, with that in mind I present our last day together.

We had dinner - Corned Beef and Cabbage [Squirrel's pick] - she is definitely her Momma's daughter:
We had cake - it is a rainbow. The girls made it.  The inside is all the colors of the rainbow and Wallene decorated the outside
And we had presents:
Although it is Squirrel's birthday on Sunday we celebrated Saturday night.  We also allowed her to give the presents she bought for her little sister, Wallene, tongiht, because they won't be together in two weeks when Wallene's birthday is.  The bag on the left is from Squirrel - the wrapped presents on the right are from Mom, Dad and Wallene to Squirrel.
Notice the matching wrapping? COMPLETELY ACCIDENTAL.  I swear.  Dad didn't know what Squirrel had bought for wrapping and brought home the same stuff.  It was a "Twilight Zone" moment.  They think alike, eh?  Pretty cool.

Squirrel didn't give us any idea what she wanted so we just guessed and gave her this:
 A flat screen TV for her dorm room!
I think it was a hit. :)

Love you Daddy!

Happy Birthday to our beautiful Squirrel.  We are so proud of  you and are going to miss you [AGAIN] when we drop you off at college in a wee few hours. 

I wish I didn't have to let you go my girl.
Be safe and come home soon sweetheart.  We love you.


Lyndylou said...

Aww I feel for you all, I hate goodbyes at the best of times but on your birthday! Uggg. Glad you got to celebrate the day before though :)

Southhamsdarling said...

Aaaw Skippy, I feel quite tearful after reading that little post my friend. It will be awful for you, because I know how you have loved having Squirrel home again, and I'm sure Pooldad and Wallene will be sad as well. An unfortunate thing to have to return on her birthday but, hey, what a super pressie you gave her. Bet she was thrilled and it will be lovely for her to have that back in her Dorm. I'm glad you had a little birthday for her last night. That cake looks awesome by the way!! You did save me a slice, right?! The picture of you hugging your lovely daughter was really touching. Take care. Sending you a big hug as I know you will be feeling a bit low for the next few days :(

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Skippy,
I feel a lot for you all, nice little post. I know you will miss Squirrel a lot. I can imagine there were a lot of mixed up emotions last night while celebrating the birthday's. That cake looks very cool!

RVVagabond said...

Boy those two weeks that Squirrel was home went quickly!

At least the Squirrel isn't going to school out of state, right? I mean there's some good news in that?

She left knowing she is loved--take comfort in that.

Great cake, would have loved to have seen a slice of the inside to see the rainbow colors there. And you're missing the horseradish sauce for the corned beef. Just sayin'....

Celia said...

Big special birthday!!

Teresa said...

so sad that your time together was so short. doesn't just suck that we have to let them grow up and do thins on their own?

happy birthday to squirrel!

Julie said...

Happy Birthdays girls - i know you had a great time with the meal!!
I am sooooo thankful that Lou didn't have to go off top University in another city - i'd have been a nervous wreck!!! And Paul is at home this year for college - but given the lack of places for Music Degrees - i can see it possibly happening

Tony Van Helsing said...

She'll be fine love.