Monday, August 15, 2011

Blessings To Be Counted

A visit today to the Grandparents:
Great Granddaughters with their Great Grandma - 99 1/2 years old

Grandson/Son with his Grandma and his Parents - His parents will be 80 next year

Front left -  counter clockwise:
Biz, Wallene, Nono, Squirrel and Noni
Such a gift.


RVVagabond said...

Great pixs! And Wallene looks adorable in her new contacts!

Celia said...

I love the pictures.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

A blessing, indeed.

Southhamsdarling said...

It was so lovely to see these real family photos today, Skippy. Wonderful! I can't believe that Pooldad's mum and dad are almost 80! Blimey, they certainly don't look it, and great grandma looks pretty good for almost 100! Squirrel is beautiful and look at that gorgeous looking Wallene now without her glasses on. I really enjoyed this post my friend. (There was only one thing missing, and you know what that is! YOU!!! It would have been lovely to see one of you and Pooldad with Squirrel and Wallene. Bet you've got one! Bet you're hiding it from us!! Hee Hee!!). Smores Update : STILL NO SMORES!!! Hugs.

Jeannie said...

Those pictures will be so treasured when Squirrel and Wallene get up in years!

Makes me think we should be getting more pictures of my Mom with the various generations while we still have her (it will be her 90th this year)

Rudee said...

Multigenerational photos are the best to look back upon. Hurry...Back those photos up! They're beautiful

Greenmare said...

wow that is wonderful!!!! what great family pictures!!!