Monday, August 1, 2011

Pretty Pictures

I found a new bloggy friend.  Her name is Eva Marie and I met her through our lovely Diane at Southhamsdarling.

Such a find and a wonderful blog to not only read, but to look at.  She is quite an accomplished watercolor artist.  She is new to the blogging world but I can promise you won't be disappointed by visiting her blog.

To give you a sneak at one of her works - which I borrowed from her blog to entice you.
Isn't it lovely?  Eva's paintings are so beautiful.
She is a true artist with a wonderful gift [unlike me with my silly comics] and her blog is a fun read.

Now you all know me and I don't take to awards too well - I am so appreciative and love to receive them but there are always too many rules [eek! rules!] that I don't think I can follow, but I figured you are such a generous bunch and you like new and fun blogs that you would like Eva Marie's so I am going to graciously post the award she gave to me, Diane and Carol.  It is called the "Butterfly Award".  I am a bit partial to the name since the butterfly is the symbol for Lupus and since Eva Marie didn't have an award button on her blog [nor did the person that gave it to her]  I thought I would just pop up the one I look at everyday. The purple Lupus butterfly. :)

The simple rules are as follows:
  1. I have to link to the person that gave it to me.
  2. Answer the questions given
  3. Pass it along
Easy peasy. My kind of rules.

Here goes:
  • Name your favorite color:  Yellow. Without a doubt it is the happiest color I know.
  • Name your favorite song:  Not so easy - I have many favorite bands and solo acts [Hi Eric Clapton!] but I let my family vote and the said "Green Grass and High Tides Forever" by the Outlaws.  I could play some serious pool to that song while it was on the jukebox.
  • Name your favorite dessert:  Key Lime Pie
  • Favorite Pet:  Wallene's hamster "Hammy".  This guy was a little trooper and a lot nicer then any rodent should be allowed to be.  He escaped one day and when we found him 3 days later he was sitting between our two dachshunds being bathed by them.  Not eaten, simply bathed.  I am not kidding.  Loved that little guy.  Just never realized they only live a few years. It was a heartbreak.
  • What wizzes you off?: I love the word "wizzes".  I use peeve, but wizzes may be my new favorite.  I will have to say liars wizz me off.  I hate people that lie, either outright or by omission.  Just because someone doesn't ask a question they don't know to ask and you don't have to answer doesn't mean you aren't lying. 
  • When I am upset I:  Yell.  It is usually because I am in pain and yelling seems to make me feel better.  It isn't directed towards anyone, just the pain.  Although it does scare the heck out of the dogs. oops.
  • Black or White?:  I prefer white
  • My biggest fear:  Leaving Pooldad and the kids alone.
  • My best feature:  Again, I asked the family.  They all agreed it is my sense of humor.  It is dry and very sarcastic - which seems to peeve a lot of people off - but the family gets it and we laugh constantly. You have to, right?
  • Everyday attitude: Sick or not, I have it a heck of a lot better than many and I count my blessings. Boy, do I count them.
  • What is perfection to you?  The love for my husband and children.  There are no conditions.  I just love them unequivocally.
  • What is your guilty pleasure?: Books.  I could read all day long.  I did on vacation and managed to finish 5 books in the first two days.  Blogging fulfills a great big need in this endeavor - free reading all day, everyday. A new story everyday.
There you go. 

I am going to pass this along to:

Lisa at Pink Porches

These are bloggers that I love to read whenever they post and some are newer to the blogging world.  I will hope that you will visit and give them your gracious support and friendship. They are a great bunch.

Enjoy your Tuesday Tadpoles.  The week is filled with laughter.  You just have to find it or make it. There is nothing stopping any of us!  See ya' on the flipside!


Anonymous said...

Hi Skippy,
What a nice post and thank you:)
I like your answers - I believe that a life without humour would be extreamly boring (tehee)
Am finally off work now for nearly 3 weeks...I love holidays!
Enjoy your day!

CWMartin said...

Green Grass and High Tides is a great tune. I got Outlaws greatest hits for Ghost Riders, and that song was a pleasant surprise that I had forgotten.