Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Little Christian Education at the Post Office?

Pooldad, Wallene and I went to the U.S. Post Office the other day. While waiting in line there was the cutest lil' baby in line behind us. He was about six months old and his Daddy was making him giggle. It was so cute. He and his Daddy were adorable.

Wallene: I wish I was that cute.
SkippyM: You were honey. [I meant when she was six months old]
Pooldad: [teasing]Yeah, but not now. You grew out of it.
Wallene: [giggle] Y'all...stop it!

If any of you know anything about us we adore our children. And we are sarcastic AND sound sarcastic when we say stuff like this. Well.....

Seems one of the Postal Ladies thought that she should call Wallene over and educate her that GOD loves her, no matter what her evil Mom and Dad say.

Poor Wallene. The self restraint this child showed was amazing. The fact that her eyes didn't explode from her head while she kept from rolling them at this woman was really a feat to behold. She was polite - yes ma'am, thank you. Etc.

Pooldad and I were attempting to finish our transaction and I caught the snippets of "Listen to XXX song honey, it tells how God loves you for who you are. You are lovely." and "Do you have a radio? Oh good. Well a good station is XXXX FM. You go home and find that and listen to the shows and God's Word. You'll see. God loves everyone." The implication was even if her nasty, mean parents didn't.


I want to buy stamps and mail a package. I was joking around with my kid. Which, we weren't loud. No one else heard us - but this postal worker took it upon herself to school my kid that even if we [implied] she was not cute anymore GOD still loved her.

I won't kid you - and y'all know - we are basic white bread. But suppose we had been Muslim or Jewish or Buddist - I don't know? How rude. Even with our belief in God her behavior was really too much.

I found the whole thing incredibly intrusive as the woman is an employee, not assisting us, doesn't know us or our religious affiliation and really? Simply wrong.

I don't need religion in my U.S. Post Office thank you.


christopher said...

But it's true! God does love her. Even if you guys don't, since your words show that you clearly don't. ;)

Seriously though, that is not a place to proselytize. That's just not cool. And this coming from a man who wants to become a pastor. :) There is a time and a place, and to a young girl in a government building... that's a no no, I don't care what religion you are spouting.

Gizmo said...

I guess my knuckles were hit one too many times by the nuns to NOT say something.
We do quite well at teasing Moonbeam (someday I'll tell ya the story about her nickname), just as you do Walene. Bless her heart! She's a MUCH BIGGER person than I am!!!
Did you ask where you could find the Ten Commandments poster???

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

Wow. If this were me, I'd be consumed with frustration that I thought of all the good comebacks after I got home. (This always happens. My best lines are a half hour too late.)

You're a good person not to have just clocked her.

RVVagabond said...

Don't even get me started on "those" types of people.

Congrats to Wallene for showing more good sense and class than the postal worker.

christopher said...

Ordinary Housewife, you are so right! I hate that I always come up with the best comebacks after the situation has passed. Though maybe that's a good thing? ;)

Anonymous said...

That is crazy! All you wanted to do is mail a package. Maybe the next time around and Wallene is with you at the post office you can act out something really good and tease the heck out of her. Ah maybe that is mean..

Yvo Sin said...

Wow, I don't know that I'd have been able ot keep from at LEAST rolling my eyes, especially in my younger years... I do NOT appreciate people throwing religion in my face! And you guys were kidding! Props to all of you for keeping it together...

Gail said...

I totally agree! That should not happen in the post office and I work in one.

You should have requested the supervisor and told them you did not appreciate the religious harassement in a government facility.

ellen abbott said...

I don't know that I could have kept my mouth shut. I find that kind of behavior to be insulting.

There was a company that I did business with once upon a time and all of a sudden I started getting proselytizing literature with my orders. A quick phone call put an end to that.

Rudee said...

I'm still waiting to hear back from you! Did you forget about your foot coverings?

Yum Yucky said...

I believe in sharing Gods word, but this was certainly a "FAIL!" way to go about it.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog and thanks for stopping by. I am in a bit of a dry spell right now and your words offered encouragement.

I have never been one to appreciate anyone trying to take my child under their wing, so to speak. My kids always knew when we were joking with them and it was nobody's business to insert their views. I once told my youngest that I loved her sister more than I loved her in response to her repeating over and over that I had bought something for the sister that I hadn't bought for her. The sales person actually gasped and said "Well, I have never heard such in my life!" My daughter, who was about 10 at the time didn't miss a beat and said, "Well, now you have, get over it!"