Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gosh. You Don't Say....

I don't know if it is because of my present situation or the fact I am just snarky by nature, but this converstation took every fiber of my being to not say something rude.

I was talking to a friend of mine of the phone yesterday and she was lamenting a problem she was having with some paperwork regarding her name change since being married.

Reanne: I couldn't believe they wouldn't know it was me Skippy. The first name and the addresses matched. I just didn't change to my married name on this particular paperwork.

Skippy: [commiserating] I know Reanne. That sucks. The government has strange rules, don't they?

Reanne: I know! It is ridiculous. I think I have it straightened out though.

Skippy: Great!

Then she said it:

Reanne: If I had thought about it when we got married years ago I would've been better off, huh?

Skippy: ..........[cricket chirp]

Reanne: Skip? You there? Hello?

Skippy: Um, Reanne?

Reanne: Yes?

Skippy: [deadpan] You have been married four years.


Was I wrong for pointing that out? My parents were married for 45 years when my Father passed away; my In-Laws are working on a strong 54 years; Grandparents? Ditto and my Great Grandparents actually had a commemorative plate hanging in their kitchen celebrating SIXTY years.

These are the marriages that can be said occurred "years ago". Heck, even a second decade or a third can throw you into the "married years ago" category; but anything under double digits? Don't be silly.

I know Reanne is happily married, but, really? Please don't make it what it is not. They just recently celebrated their four year mark - and they are in our age bracket [mid 30's early 40's] It isn't a huge amount of time in the scope of things and to use the verbage "married years ago" is ridiculous.

Please feel free to use the line on someone that doesn't know you as well as we do, but stop pretending that it is more than it is with us. We know better.

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