Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Think Swine Flu Affects Your Brain :D

It seems Mom Toast has it's own official theme song.

Seriously - Wallene [of course it is Wallene - who else is going to make up a song about toast?] has decided that singing that she wants Mom Toast is so much more effective than coughing on me to get her precious breakfast meal.

If the dogs start tap dancing for the crusts I am outta here.

Save me. Please.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of the swine flu I am thinking of getting the family inoculated.

SkippyMom said...

I don't know whether to do it now Waiter - although the schools are offering it in the coming weeks for free.

Since they have already had it, I don't know. And I have to say they were pretty miserable for a few days, but are fine now - but my kids are a bit older than yours and I understand the younger kids are more at risk to take it harder.

Good luck and please talk to your doctor - I am just the "Mom Toast" woman, y'know?

Amy said...

Oh skippy...I would save you, but there are about 3,000 miles between. I don't think I could throw a life float that far.

OK - here is my opinion, which has been looked down on.

Waiter, we inoculated the whole famdamily. I had a REALLY hard time trying to decide what to do, as in lost sleep over it. My husband works in a large hospital and my son has asthma, so I thought the cards were stacked against us. Not to mention we have had Thomas in the ER the past two winters with lung issues. I felt like I had to protect the family.

I did a lot of research on it and found that the shot is the exact same shot as the regular flu shot, just the virus was changed. I also found out that the H1N1 virus would have been included in the regular flu shot had they known how widespread it would have been.

Anyways, we had the shot 11 days ago,and everyone is fine. No sickness, not oinking.

Good luck with the decision, It is a very hard one.

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

If you've all already had H1N1, you don't get the shot - the shot is just a little teensy bit of the virus to build your antibodies. You've already had the virus, already built the antibodies. You don't get the shot if you've had the flu already. You're a bunch of walking, talking Supermen, impervious to the evil powers.

Otherwise, it's always best to get flu shots. All the myths - that you can get sick from it, etc. - are just myths. Ask your doctor if they get their own kids the shots and they'll tell you, sure, yah. Unless your Amish.

Hope you are all getting better, Skip!