Friday, October 30, 2009

God I Love the Thrift Store

Thank you for creating this little piece of Nirvana for me. [Okay a little mixing of religons there, but hey!]

WOW! Did we have a blast today or what? Found the coolest, most useless stuff to bring home. Okay, okay...some of it is not useless, but some of it was so damn cute we couldn't pass it up.

Can you say Ceramic Frog? I know you can. heehee

Actually the frog has a purpose. It happens to be the mascot of Pooldad's first pool job, the one he worked at for over 27 years. I am sending it off to our friend Linda who is still there as the office manager/pool service ninja extraordinaire. She will laugh hysterically and then probably throw it at an errant employee. [We can hope, right?]

How about the two champagne flutes? Squee - the best part is the stems spell "N-O-E-L" [where do people find this cheesey stuff?] which are so great ::giggling:: because our Christmas morning tradition is to have mimosas while opening presents. Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like imprinted stemware. hee.

Then there is world's smallest dog dish. Since we have a small doggie that is fed 1/8th of a pound of Beneful meat roll [have y'all seen this? we are such pawns for marketing] twice a day I figured this was better than feeding her off of our dinner plates. So Spootie got something from the Thrift Store too!

What else? OHHHH...we decorate in a Snowman theme for Christmas. Love me some snowmen tadpoles. Just ask the 4 ft tall one on top of the armoire in my bedroom [where he lives for 11 months of the year - he is simply too cute to put away]. We found oodles of snowmen stuff. A lamp that holds a tealight [found a box of those too $1! woot] a mug and saucer, a plaque...I just can't wait for Christmas. Heck, I have already eaten Thanksgiving twice this month so can't we just skip November and go straight for the gold? I have champagne flutes to use people.

An honorable mention goes to the bags of cards I bought. Did you know that you can buy a ziploc bag of new greeting cards with envelopes for the low, low price of a buck at the thrift store? Or that they have packs of decorated computer paper for a dollar each? Be warned - I bought a bunch of Christmas themed paper so I will be sending y'all one of those "Our year in review" letters - but be assured none of it will be true. You are welcome to email your address now. You are really going to want one of these. hee.

I know I should probably take pictures, but it is 5 am and meh, I am not in the mood. Maybe later. :)


RVVagabond said...

I'm feeling guilty now; I gave away a huge stack of those free greeting cards/note cards the charities used to send hoping for a donation. Sorry.

Thank goodness we live in less than 400sq.ft. or I too would be bringing home lots of treasures from the local thrift store. Loved your list of goodies!

Jeannie said...

I'm jealous. My mother taught me to be a snob and hate thrift stores. My husband is not at all like that - he brings me books all the time (he shops frequently for work clothes) - my daughter finds wonderful things too.